Biometric Employee Time Clock

Hold your employees accountable for every time punch.

Zip Clock Time Clock

The standalone time clock that keeps employees compliant with labor guidelines.


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Eliminate time theft. Avoid labor law violations.Be payroll compliant.

Technology has brought us better, smarter, easier ways to record employee time. Zip Clock has taken paper timecards and old time clocks and transformed them into a completely automated timekeeping system.

The Next Generation Time Clock

Eliminate Buddy Punching and Empower Employees

Lower labor costs by improving your tie tracking and schedule enforcement. Zip Clock’s Time Clock software comes pre-installed on our preferred hardware units and helps hold your employees accountable to their time.

Real-time alerts prompt managers, supervisors and employees before labor law breaches occur allowing them to take preemptive actions to circumvent pesky penalties that result from violations.

And built in biometrics allow administrators to register employee fingerprints which streamlines the clock in/out process and eliminates buddy punching.

Free Time Clock App for iPad and Android Tablets

We transform an iPad or Android tablet into a time clock device that helps enforce your employees’ shifts and keeps them in compliance with labor rules. We provide a free time lock app for iPad and Android tablets. Set up only takes minutes. Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and you are all set.

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Employee time and attendance tracking has never been easier.
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