Market is never known as the stable thing, it is always volatile and ups and downs are some of its keywords. Thank God to it!!! Why? Well just as the stability will help you from going down it will also restrict you from going up and business is always known as the work of risk takers. If you are also facing the back lash of the market and your business is slow then buddy you have to giddy up and have to take the reins in your hands.

Being dependent on the team will not solve the matters now. You have to actively participate in the work and bring out the results you wish. It’s time to get your hands dirty too.

Here are some suggestions which you can use to come back in the race during the tough times, however always remember it is not easy even if you have the solution in hand as applying it effectively is the major hurdle.

Cold Calling:

Cold Calling

We are pretty sure that you are aware of the term “Cold Calling”. It is the first thing any marketing strategist thinks of. Well the need of the trick is here. Prepare your team for cold calling as well as cold pitching. It will bring in clients as well as business for you in no time.

Retain The Existing Ones:

Retain The Existing Ones

Right now your current clients are your bread and butter. Hence make sure that you appreciate their support in the tough times. Send them thank you notes as well as wish them on them festivals to make them feel important as you know they are.



Organize as well as attend events in your area.  There is no decided place for networking and it can be done anywhere, anytime. So make sure that you are aware of all the necessary events in your area and you also attend them.

Business Plan:

Business Plan

Do you have a laid down plan about what you are doing, what you want to do in future, how you want to see the things progressing in your business. If not, then it is the high time that you ponder on these points and start working on them asap. It is necessary to have a basic plan.


Read Books

Either read books or articles or journals or any material which can help you to gain insights about new business strategies. There is no right time to get knowledge and work accordingly. This reading will help you to understand the tactics which you have overlooked in the past.

Get Creative:

Get Creative

Change is inevitable. So find that creativity inside you, the passion which made you walk on this road and bring the change in the face of your business to catch as many pairs of eyes as you can to get the attention you are seeking.



Try to bring something new on the table to create interest among the clients. People always get attracted to something new and you need that attraction right now. So work hard and launch some new products for the clients.

Branding or Re-Branding:

Branding or re-branding

Change is the necessary tool of the successful business. Learn about the concepts of branding and work on re-branding your business at its best. If you can’t do much then just changing few colour combinations can also work. It has work in the past and it will work now as well.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing

Most of you will be surprised to know that social media platforms are no doubt a great way to market your business and it definitely brings the attention of the potential leads. Make use of this amazing tool and market yourself among the people.



Research about where you are lacking what are the reasons of your downfall or getting slow. Everything is not to be blamed on the market. There are several facts which are yet untouched and review them can show you the real picture of the business. Once you have the problems then finding solutions will not be too much of the hard task.



Technology is getting advanced day by day. Making use of the advance tactics and try to imbibe them in your business and work culture. This change will be a great help for your business as well as you in the long run.



A little bit of charity or pro bono work can work miracles for the image of your business. So try to indulge in some of the philanthropy activities in your area. Anyhow it’s your duty to give back something to society which has given you so much.



Trust and reputation is something which is always offers the upper hand when it comes about business. Getting the audit done will create trust among the people about your safe and clean practices and will create a reputation of a good businessman. You can meet two goals from a single arrow here.



Webinars are trending in the current scenario. During these few hours people can see you live on the media teaching about the things you are passionate about. Your passion for your business will bring many more clients on your doorstep then you think.



Always set a target and deadlines for your work. It will help you to work more efficiently and will bring better results that too on time. A stable as well as planned routine always help to create goodwill among the team as well as outside.



Focus on getting more vendors and enhancing your vendor list. Make your marketing work hard to get more as well as quality vendors. So that in the end you can provide quality products. Getting more names on vendor list also helps in increasing the production.

PR Activities:

PR Activities

No one can forget the PR activities. PR activities play a vital role in getting you the recognition you need all the times. This helps you not at your low time only but also at your high ones. So don’t forget this tactic of the book.

Marketing Channels:

Marketing Channels

You are in this situation because of your ignorance towards numerous marketing channels available in the market. Review this section and make use of the channels you have ignored in past.


Affiliate Programs

You can also bring in new affiliates in the business or make use of affiliate marketing. Currently almost all the businesses are making use of affiliate marketing and no doubt are getting much needed attention from the clients as well as customers.

Business Contests:

Business Contests

How about taking part in the business contests either as a participant or as the sponsor. In both the cases you as well as your business will be in the limelight, which is always good for the business and the share prices.

Business Survey:

Business Survey

Carry out the much needed business survey. This procedure will help you to get the genuine customer feedbacks and the problems in your working. Through this process you will know what to do and where to start working.

Internal Operation:

Internal Operation

Make sure you have hired quality as well as efficient people in your team who respects the work and are dedicated enough for the same. Keep a tight grip in the internal working of your business especially the accounts department and you will be good to go.

Offer Deals, Discounts, Etc.:

Offer Deals Discount

We know it is one of the last idea but it can attract those clients who are interested but don’t have enough to pay the actual prices. A lot of people wait for deals and offers to make the purchase, capture that segment of the society as well.

Don’t Give Up:

Dont Give up

Last but not the least never think about giving up. Time always changes and yours will too. You just have to stay dedicated and keep pouring hard work in the business. Trust us within no time you will see that the fog is clearing and you are going upon the charts.