“One cannot think, love, sleep well, if one has not dined well” by Virginia Woolf.

The quote is pretty much self-explanatory. The quote tells the importance of food in ones’ life. And if we talk about the time when you are facing hectic schedules and tons of stress then the need of a good meal is a must.

You will be surprised to know that all the fast food or sugary products you intake encourages the stress as well as anxiety level in your body. Hence, you need a healthy meal which will help you in fighting some of those stress hormones. In a research it is found that some of the nutrients present in different kind of food items help in relieving the tension from the body and mind.

As per scientists, when a person is in too much pressure and feeling stressed then a certain type of stress hormone namely cortisol is released in the body. It is believed that too much Cortisol is the cause for high Blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. Apart from the above given problems this hormone can trigger many more chronic diseases in the human body. And this extreme stress leads everyone to eat more and more. So when you get the craving for eating more or stress eating then its better to choose the right food and have a healthy diet.

Following are the name of some food items which you can consume to release your stress levels and tension.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate

Good news for those who have a sweet tooth. A couple of pieces of dark chocolate are something which will reduce your stress and anxiety level by a great number. However, the quantity of consumption is something which you have to keep in check as too much of anything and everything is bad.



Keeping few nuts in the pockets is something which is not hard for anyone. Just crack a few nuts, precisely Pistachios and chew in the past-time to keep yourself away from stress and any other disease related to this in the easiest manner.



These green leaves are the best medicine in most of the problems. Spinach is really high in magnesium which is helpful in several body functions. Along with keeping the blood sugar level or blood pressure in check, it also help in reliving the stress and stay relaxed.



Milk contains several beneficial nutrients such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Vitamin D which not only keeps you healthy but also enhances the feeling of happiness and good mood in the people. As per the researchers the lack of these nutrients and vitamins the body tends to get more anxiety issues along with stress problems.

Oat Meal:

Oat Meal

Oat Meal is always counted as one of the comfort foods by the people. It is easy to make and consume very less amount of time for preparation. This food item helps in producing the hormone called serotonin which helps in balancing the moods and reducing the stress levels.