Overtime is not as bad as most employers think, it enables a business to cover unexpected circumstances without hiring more workers, and it also gives employees a chance to earn extra income. Another good thing about overtime is that it can easily be managed or controlled with a computerized time card machine.

A computerized or automated time card machine is a modern punch clock that utilizes online timesheets or printable timesheets to track employee time and attendance. An online timesheet or a printable timesheet can be printed out or used as a spreadsheet through a computer and other internet-enabled devices.

Time Card Machine

In spite of its benefits, overtime also has its shortcomings and can easily turn into a very expensive liability when not managed well. For starters, it has been linked to various health conditions associated with working long hours such as lower-back injuries, high blood pressure, and a wide range of mental conditions such as stress and depression. Several studies have also linked long working hours to increased accident risk, absenteeism and high turnover rates.

As we have already seen, it is possible to control overtime with a good time card machine. It is also possible to mitigate the negative effect of employee overtime but this generally depends on a number of factors such as company size, industry, and work environment.

In spite of this, employee time clock software has generally proved to be a very effective tool for eliminating or controlling unnecessary overtime. Below are just a few ways to outsmart expensive employee overtime with a time card machine or through a printable timesheet system:

  1. Due to the high levels of data accuracy in a computerized or printable timesheet time tracking system, it is possible for management to identify an excessive overtime cycle early which is usually the first step into solving the problem.
  2. The other way that an automated time card machine helps in controlling overtime is it enables managers and supervisors to prevent employees from clocking in too early by preventing them from using the time card machine until their shifts start or by allowing them to start their shifts within a specified grace period.
  3. A printable timesheet time tracking system also helps prevent early clocking by allowing employees to clock in early, as a way of eliminating congestion at the time card machine, but not recording their actual start time until their shifts have started officially.
  4. In the same way, a time card machine should be able to prevent or stop employees from clocking out late or beyond their scheduled shift.
  5. Alternatively, it can limit punch out or clock out times to within a specified grace period.
  6. The other way is to allow employees to punch out late but to record their real stop time only.
  7. Using an automated time clock can also help curb overtime by automatically clocking out an employee after his or her shift has ended. This option is especially helpful when it comes to overcoming forgotten and missed clock outs.
  8. An automated time card machine also comes with an authorized overtime option that allow managers and supervisors to clock in an employee before a scheduled shift or to allow them to clock out late so as to finish a task.