Whether you are new in business or finding ways to enhance in the existing one, then you have to understand as well as apply the marketing strategies in your working process. On the contrary to your belief’s marketing is the most important part of growing a business. As this famous quote says, “You can’t sell anything if you will not tell anything.” You will not know but marketing in itself is an entire industry.

Marketing strategies can be overwhelming for some; however it is not much of a complicated task. One just needs to endure a routine to make it work. Routine is commonly known as “commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or at specified intervals” as per our regular dictionary. Once you add the designated marketing activities in your routine you will see the difference in a very small amount of time.

“By breaking down marketing tasks into easy daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, entrepreneurs – beginner to advanced – can really make a marketing impact!”

However to make the process more easier for you, we have created a list of marketing activities which you can add in your calendar to make it work and enjoy the benefits of a perfect marketing plan. These set of marketing activities is something which every business follow to reach to the heights of success they have dreamed. These points are the starting step of the ladder, once you have stepped on all of them, then you need to become more creative and bring new ideas as well as out of the box thinking.

Always remember it is not a single day task instead it is something which you have to do on regular basis.

Here are 30 step by step marketing activities you need to follow to reach the stars and face the music of success in your business.

1. Know Your Business

Know Your Business

Know your business meaning understand the target audience and what they are looking for and then serve them the same thing on the silver platter in your own style.

2. Business Card

Business Card

Remember to have a business card in your pocket all the time and share it with the people. It will help in promoting yours as well as your business name.

3. Weekly Blogs

Weekly Blogs

Weekly posting of blogs, articles as well as press releases with information related to your products and needs will help you to gain attention of the people on the vast world of internet.

4. Customers Feedback

Customers Feedback

Customers are the main reason that you are in the market, so listen to their feedbacks and reviews and if required then try to make the necessary changes in the products and services you offer. Never ignore your customer.

5. Paper & Pen

Paper and Pen

Keep a paper & pen or notepad handy all the time to note down the new ideas you have in your mind in regards to promotions or anything related to your business.

6. Library with books or journals

Library With Books

Create a new library with books or journals related to marketing. It will help you at the hard times when no new idea is popping in your mind and you need it badly.

7. Social Media Accounts

Social Media Accounts

Create social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and others which are related to your business. All these accounts should be under the name of your business as they are created to promote your business on the digital level.

8. Communities


Almost all these platforms have numerous communities, so join all the communities which are related to your business in one or the other way as it will help you to understand the customers, plus you can promote your products and services among them.

9. Use these social media accounts to engage customers by sharing regular posts, offers, deals or just the basic info about your products and services.

10. Follow all the communities to create a network.

11. Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing

Also make use of the Google maps marketing, as it will help you to connect with your local customers and grab their attention. Local customers or local market is your strongest market so keep them close and aware.

12. Try every means even social media to offer the best customer service to your customers round the clock. This act will keep them loyal towards your line of products and services. They also promote your brand through word of mouth marketing.

 13. Advertising


Make use of other means of advertising to promote your brand such as print media or television media or pamphlets or anything you can think of.

14. Never step back to offer a lucrative deal to your customers every once in a while. It will keep them interested in the products and services you are offering.

15. Referral


Referral is yet another important part of marketing strategy. You can ask your customers, family as well as friends to offer referral to you. This step will help you in enhancing your market with a great deal.

16. You can create referral networking group and can offer something in return to their referrals. It will make them work harder and bring more market share to your business.

17. Testimonials


Testimonials show the love of the customers towards your products and services. You will be surprised to know that a lot of new customers check referrals before make use of any company’s products or services.

18. Philanthropy has its own charm. So offer your support in any way, either through charity or through sponsorship to the local events or causes. It creates trust among people.

19. Interviews on blogs or magazines or podcast helps in creating a goodwill of the company as well as you which will be helpful in the long run.

20. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization

SEO or Search Engine optimization is a great tool to bring traffic to the website in the regular manner. It will help you to get known among the right people that are your target audience.

21. Google Adwords

Make use of Google Adwords, they can be quite helpful.

22. Business Event

Always make sure to be present in the events which are related to your business. It will help you in networking and getting recognized in the business community.

23. Always remember the saying that, “We should keep friends close and enemies closer.” Hence make it your habit to keep a track on your competitors.

24. Webinars, online workshops or training tutorials are kind of in right now. So if possible try these too.

25. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing is also a new trending activity which is gaining unlimited popularity among the customers. So posting promotional videos is not a bad idea.

26. Social Media Groups

Create your own groups on the social media platforms to encourage customer’s interaction with your professionals and other like-minded people.

 27. Affiliate Programs

 Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can also help in promoting your brand in different areas at a very small amount of payment. Most of the successful businesses in current scenario have taken the liking of affiliate programs to grow their business.

28. Be the part of the business community and offer deals which can benefit both you as well as other business people. Here you can ask them to promote your business in lieu of their promotion on your part. So it will be a give and take kind of deal where both parties have something to offer to each other.

29. Occasions

On different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc. make sure to send personnel cards to your customers to make them feel important and connected to you. It helps in retaining the current customer base.

30. Last but not the least: Don’t sit idle, do something to add value to your business in one way or the other.