Common Hiring Mistakes Companies Make During The Process

You will be surprised to know that, “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, two out of three new hires will disappoint you.” and the rate of this employee turnover is something which always bite in the back of the company in terms of cost, time, growth and profit. It sets back the [...]

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Some Answers You Should Have Before Firing An Employee

Letting an old employee go is not that much an easy task for the management as it looks from outside. It might look like a cold hearted decision but it is just the way of pruning the company tree to get more strength and efficiency in terms of performance and growth. However, the [...]

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Tricks Under Your Sleeve As A Business Owner

Are you a business owner? Then here some business tips and tricks which you might or might not know, but they can definitely help you in running your business. Whether you are new or an experienced entrepreneur, good tips are something which you should always welcome as they are given to help you [...]

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8 Time Management Skills to Have Better Hold on Managing Time

Efficient Time management will not only help your professional life but also your personal life. Having those skills in one’s personality can do wonders on their productivity levels and efficiency. Everywhere you can learn about managing your time but what personalities traits are required to make it happen are not shared by many. [...]

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11 Tips for Time Management in The Office

Are you normally late or punctual? Are you able to finish the tasks in hand on time or not? Do you find managing your time hard in office? Are you facing issues in time management? Honest answers to the above questions can help identify if you are struggling with managing your time and [...]

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Can Technology Change The Way Restaurants Work?

Have you ever thought that this advancement in technology can also change the face and ways of the working of the restaurants? Or have you ever heard the question that technology can change the working style of the restaurants? If not! Do you have any answer for the above questions? Yes do and [...]

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4 Ways Of Using Technology For Employee Efficiency

Well, engaging the employee in the office to bring productivity is the most basic concern of today’s time. Every employer try every tactics in the book to attain that efficiency, however most of them forget that they have a trump card in their hands i.e. technology. It’s true; if you know how to [...]

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