Employee Time Clock

Zipclock is an employee time clock that manages time and attendance. Employees can easily clock in and out, and managers can track the work schedule of their employees with ease.

Benefits of an Employee Time Clock

With Zipclock, employees are able to easily clock in and out. Managers are able to verify that employees are working their scheduled times.
Zip Clock employee time clock saves your time with an automated time tracking. You can easily access information it’s cloud based integration. Employee time clock improves accuracy of timekeeping and reduce the administrative headache. Managers can eliminate the time theft and streamline the payroll process with an employee time clock. Managers and employee can get the notifications in real time. Managers can improves the employee stratification through timely pay with employee time clock.
Zip clock, employee time clock designed with mobility in mind and labour law compliance with powerful reporting features.

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Employee Time Clock

2015 Restaurant Technology Magazine

Editor’s Choice Award for employee workforce time management solutions.

Most streamlined “Employee Time Clock Software” available today

Management of employee time and attendance has never been so easy. Employee time clock software with punch management allows managers to track employee time and attendance anywhere, anytime from the free mobile app.

Employee Time Clock
Clock in with biometric reader, pin or geolocation.
Employee Time Clock

Monitor employee time against costly labor laws.

Employee Time Clock iPhone Android

Mobile apps available for Android and iPhone.

Employee Time Clock

Simplifying Employee Time and Attendance

Thousands of managers are becoming more proactive than reactive to changing conditions by enforcing their employee work time schedules with Zip Clock. Managing employee compliance with time schedules has never been so easy.

See how Zip Clock improved Fresh Griller’s ability to enforce schedules, saving time and money with employee time clock.

“Zip Clock has revolutionized the way that we track our employees. As a supervisor of 150 college students that are constantly in and out of the office, I needed an innovative solution to ensure that everyone was working when they were scheduled. Zip Clock allows employees to easily clock in and out, and allows me as their supervisor to manage and track attendance. The reporting feature is extremely beneficial when it comes to verifying hours worked and spotting trends among employees. The mobile app gives me the ability to remotely track who is in the office, so I am never left wondering when or if employees are at work. I would recommend Zip Clock to anyone with a busy schedule who is in charge of supervising multiple employees.”

Justin Hardegree, Coordinator of Admissions Visit Experiences

“Zip Clock employee time clock saves a lot of time and gives me peace of mind. I can monitor employees’ clock status from my phone instead of trying to track them down in the store. The clock dashboard tells me everything I need to know for example: who’s on the schedule, who’s late, who’s supposed to be on break, and who needs to clock out.”

Jon Evrard, General Manager at Fresh Griller

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Employee Time Clock

Employee time and attendance app in the Palm of Your Hand

View real time employee time punches through our free employee time clock mobile app to ensure employees are adhering to their schedule and state labor laws.

See missing employees instantly and call Zip Clock’s suggested top replacements based on availability and projected weekly hours.

Better manage labor costs with mobile alerts when employees approach labor law violations.

Employee time and attendance tracking has never been easier.
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