Keep Track of Employee Time

Know who is on the clock and sticking to their schedule.

The Clock Dashboard

Real Time

Employee time is tracked in real time to provide the most up to date information to managers.


Be able to view employee statuses in accordance to labor laws.


Automatic alerts notify employees to take a break or clock out before breaching a labor law


Make adjustments to schedules that cause violations.

Clock In/Clock Out

Eliminate bottlenecks at your point of sale.

Employees can cause long lines of customers at busy restaurants and retail locations when clocking in and out at the point of sale terminal during shift changes. This will result in poor customer service and experience. With Zip Clock, employees can clock in and out from a standalone time clock device or from their mobile phone that uses geolocation positioning to ensure they are onsite. This streamlines operations within your store so employees can arrive ready to work ready to go and not wait for a transaction to be processed.

Time Punch Management

Review, edit and approve punches.

We understand that employees sometimes forgets to punch in and go right to work, or they forget to punch out before leaving at the end of their shift. Zip Clock gives you the ability to edit these punches. You can also set Zip Clock to allow employees to edit previous punches within the current payroll period. Of course, all edits are subject to manager approval.

Filter Punches to See Labor Law Violations.

Quickly identify punch violations before finalizing payroll to make sure you’ve factored in the correct amount of extra pay to avoid potential labor lawsuits.

Close Open Punches and Finalize Payroll

If you don’t want to allow employees to edit punches and they leave without clocking out simply edit and close open punches on the Punch Management screen.

Audit Trail of Employee Time Punches and Edits.

Be prepared for audits with Zip Clock and track all employee time punches and edits. Know when punches are edited and see a history of all applied changes.

Shift Time Management

Find and contact available shift replacements.

When a crew member doesn’t show up for work, you need to call in a replacement. To simplify the decision process, the Shift Management screen displays everything required to find the right replacement quickly. All available employees are listed with their weekly hours, projected hours to overtime and ACA violations, and their phone numbers.  Clicking on their name displays their remaining schedule for the week so you can make sure you’re not over scheduling them.

Suggest employees to start a break or clock out.

Zip Clock saves money by prompting you before labor law violations occur, allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive to changing conditions. Avoid pesky labor law fines by quickly suggesting breaks or clock outs when an employee approaches a break or daily overtime violation.

Meaningful Reporting

Easy to understand performance reporting tools.

Better manage your employees with performance reporting tools that are simple and easy to understand. Meaningful reports can be printed to PDF or created in CSV format for importing to other software.

Track Employee Performance Against the Schedule.

With our Employee Performance Report, observe your employee’s performance over a selected time period with respect to labor law and schedule violations while comparing actual versus scheduled hours.

Review Daily Time Punches for Each Week.

Compare actual hours and labor costs against scheduled hours and scheduled costs by day and week. And if you have Zip Schedules, see your sites time punches variance to the schedule.

Compare Actual Hours Against Scheduled Hours.

Use our Punch Management Report to review daily schedule hours for each week ensuring accurate information flows into your payroll system when exporting and importing the report.

Employee time and attendance tracking has never been easier.
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