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Zip Clock streamlines time and attendance software for customer service managers and staff. Our free mobile app helps managers and supervisors track online staff time and offers real time labor and payroll data. The clock dashboard proactively alerts staff members to take breaks and clock out when they approach potential labor law breaches.

Useful Reporting Tools

Manage payroll with a time punch report where extra pay can be easily added for overtime and other labor law breaches. Review staff performance against scheduled time for audit purposes and quarterly reviews.

Manage Staff Time and Attendance

Review real time site labor statistics from web and/or mobile app home screens. Know right away if a staff member is missing and call recommended replacements based on schedule time for the week and skill levels.

Ensure Adequate Staff

Always make sure you have enough staff during peak hours. If business is expected to pick up later in the day, suggest early breaks from the mobile app to ensure staff is available during your busiest hours.

Simplify Staff Shift Management

Use automatic alerts to notify staff to take breaks and clock out before labor law breaches occur. See staff members daily and weekly schedule information and statistics to ensure labor compliance.

Employee time and attendance tracking has never been easier.
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