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The healthcare industry is fast-paced and it can be tough to keep track employee time and attendance. Nurses and caregivers are constantly on-the-go and not always onsite to clock in and out with the traditional time clock. Zip Clock provides online mobile time punching software through geolocation so you always know where staff is when they clock in or out. This helps to improve labor management and ensure accurate payroll.

Reduce Labor Costs

Monitor labor costs in real time to ensure schedules are being complied with. Reduce overtime and other labor law breaches with automatic alerts that notify you and staff when breaches in labor law are approaching.

Increase Labor Efficiency

Spot inefficiencies with meaningful reports for employee performance and payroll showing detailed time punches. Staff members increase productivity when they know their time is being monitored.

Quickly Fill Missed Shifts

Quickly find recommended staff to cover missed shifts. With our free mobile app you’ll be able to use Shift Management to quickly identify the best replacement employee for the day.

Manage Employee Shifts from Multiple Locations

Track employee time and attendance at multiple locations with any web-enabled device. View site clocking statistics from the mobile app so you always know what’s going on even if you’re not there.

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