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Hospitals are fast-paced and require around-the-clock responsibility from doctors, nurses, and emergency responders making it difficult for managers and supervisors to collect and finalize payroll hours. Zip Clock provides an online software and tool to help track staff time and attendance streamlining overtime calculation and payroll tabulation to ensure fair payment. The free mobile app allows staff to clock in and out on or off site through geolocation services.

Save Staff Time

Utilize tools such as automatic alerts to notify staff when it’s time to take breaks or clock out. Automatic time tracking simplifies payroll processing with accurate payroll reports that can be exported.

Reduce Staff Time Theft

Ensure staff members are on site and on time with biometric time punching. Our Standalone Clock comes preconfigured with a biometric reader to eliminate buddy punching and other time theft practices.

Control Labor Costs

View real time daily statistics on actual labor such as labor percentage of sales and labor dollars. Track employee performance and adjust operations to improve efficiencies and cut costs.

See Real Time Staff Alerts

Ensure your staff always knows when they are supposed to take breaks and clock out. Our Clock Dashboard that displays on the Standalone Clock alerts staff before labor law breaches occur.

Employee time and attendance tracking has never been easier.
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