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Managing staff time and attendance in the hospitality industry requires a lot of work if you aren’t using the right tool. With so many departments and constantly changing schedules, it is often difficult to determine how much time staff members have been working. Zip Clock provides online software solution with a free mobile app that managers and supervisors can use to track staff time. Preemptive alerts warn you when a labor law is about to be breached allowing you to take action before it occurs.

Streamline Employee Time Management

No longer waste time trying to figure out your employees work patterns and where inefficient time is accrued. Automated time tracking puts everything you need on any web-enabled device so you always know what’s going on.

Enforce Employee Time

Easily enforce employee schedules by using Zip Clock along with Zip Schedules. Know if employees are following their schedules as assigned and make updates as needed to avoid weekly and daily labor law breaches.

Automate Labor Law Alerts

Preemptively alert employees before they breach a labor law with automatic alerts. With our Standalone Clock, every employee can see visual alerts when it’s time to take a break or clock out.

Reduce Employee Overtime Costs

Catch potential overtime before it happens. Dynamic alerts are sent to managers via the mobile app and can be set to automatically notify employees before overtime is due to occur.

Employee time and attendance tracking has never been easier.
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