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Zip Clock helps law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS personnel to stay compliant with time related labor law and union rules. Our free online mobile app allows personnel to clock in and out through geolocation so you always know where there at when they record their time. Punch management software makes finalizing payroll easy with the ability to add extra pay for overtime and double time.

Ensure Accurate Staff Payroll

View weekly punch management reports to ensure accurate pay for staff. Easily spot overtime and other violated punches to add extra pay. Then, quickly finalize payroll to export into your payroll processing service.

Track Staff Time

Always know what your staff is doing by changing the way you track their time. With a web-based time punch system every clock in, break, and clock out is recorded in real time.

Web-based Labor Accessibility

Get access to real time site labor statistics from any web-enabled device. If you not on site or don’t have access to a computer, use the free mobile app to view time and attendance at your site.

Minimize Staff Compliance Risk

Customize organization labor policies and laws to ensure daily and weekly time compliance. Visible alerts will notify staff prior to any policy or law being breached.

Employee time and attendance tracking has never been easier.
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