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Online Restaurant Software

Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops choose Zip Clock software to simplify employee time and attendance. The challenges of managing employee coverage, online tracking employee time and staying in compliance with labor laws make automated timekeeping a perfect fit. Owners, managers and supervisors streamline employee time tracking with a clock dashboard and free mobile app.

How can Zip Clock improve your employee time and attendance?

Restaurants have employees who are constantly on the move. Ensuring that someone is recording their time accurately and staying compliant to labor guidelines can be a challenge. Zip Clock offers a simple, but effective tool that sends alerts and notifications for your employees to see so that they can avoid causing violations. Zip Clock helps them manage their time without having to think or do extra work.

Online Restaurant Software
Online Restaurant Software

Empower Your Employees

Employees get busy and they need help keeping track of their time at work. Zip Clock makes it easy for employees to be aware of their status with labor guidelines by sending automatic alerts to their mobile device. These automatic alerts let employees know how much longer they have before they breach a labor guideline so they can take the necessary action to prevent it from happening. This allows employees to be proactive rather than reactive with managing their time.

Receive Useful Reports

Zip Clock gives you the tools to keep your business safe from falling victim to employees who try and cheat the system. You need appropriate reports to hold your employees accountable. Have employee performance reports, audit trail reports, and punch time reports on hand to evaluate whether or not employees are sticking to their schedule or causing violations. This allows you to distinguish which employees are excelling and which ones need to be addressed.

Online Restaurant Software
Online Restaurant Software

Eliminate Time Theft

When employees can’t make it to work on time, they sometimes ask their friends to clock in for them. If employees want to leave work early, they write down an inaccurate time and clock out. None of this will be possible for your employees when using Zip Clock because of its built-in biometric reader. When employees clock in and out using Zip Clock, their time stamp is immediately recorded to ensure accurate time keeping.

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