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Often staffed with a young labor force and faced with time clocking problems, like buddy punching, retailers choose Zip Clock as their employee time and attendance solution. Zip Clock software gives managers and supervisors the ability to easily monitor online employee’s clock status from the free mobile app and any other web-enabled device. It’s the most streamlined employee time clock software available today!

For Businesses of All Sizes

Workforce management for retail is complicated and can give you headaches. The work is fast-paced, and with so much going on there isn’t any down time. While it will be ideal to be able to communicate with your staff more, managing them while trying to balance your other responsibilities is a challenge. Dealing with employee scheduling and customers is time consuming enough as it is. With Zip Clock’s retail time attendance system, employee management becomes a lot easier.

Improve Manager to Employee Communication

Zip Clock’s retail time and attendance solution makes a retail manager’s job easier. Managers don’t need to waste time by having to track down every employee at the retail store to notify them to take a break or clock out. Zip Clock sends automatic alerts to the employee’s mobile device so that the employee can take a break or clock out before a violation occurs.

Enforce Employee Schedules

For a lot of businesses, cost comes from time theft caused by inaccurate time recording. Zip Clock give you the tools you need in order to enforce employee schedules. All time punches are recorded in real time and are logged in the Zip Clock database. This allows managers to check to make sure employees are clocking in and out during their scheduled times. With the Zip Clock Time Clock’s built-in biometric reader, employees won’t be able to buddy punch for one another either.

Stay Payroll Compliant

With different labor violations and overtime occurring, it’s hard to keep track of everything and make sure that you are paying your employees accurately. Zip Clock keeps track of the different violations that employees cause in addition to the amount of hours that they work. By providing all of this information, Zip Clock helps you make sure your business stays payroll compliant.

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