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The theater industry is fast-paced and tracking the time and attendance of seasonal employees is no easy task. Additionally, a lot of minors are hired which requires managers to stay on top of additional labor laws. Zip Clock software simplifies an online tracking of time related labor laws preemptively alerting managers if any employee is nearing a potential labor law breach. The free mobile app allows managers to track employee time no matter where they might be.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Ensure employees are on-site when they’re clocked in. With our Standalone Clock preinstalled with a biometric reader, employees can no longer clock in their friends which negatively impacts your bottom line.

Track Employee Performance

With your web-enabled time clock, employee performance is automatically tracked. Employee performance reports show you how well employees are complying with labor laws and schedules.

Real Time Labor View

Always know what you store labor statistics look like each day. Quickly see the number of employees on the clock, on break and your actual labor dollars versus scheduled labor dollars.

Finalize Employee Payroll

Eliminate employee payroll errors with automated time punch management software. Easily identify overtime and other labor law breaches that require extra pay. Add pay and approve payroll to export into your payroll processing service.

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