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In a seasonal industry, employee turnover is high and complying with labor laws for minors can be difficult. Zip Clock software simplifies this headache by tracking online employee time and attendance against labor laws, leaving an audit trail for employers to protect themselves with. It also gives managers and supervisors the ability to manage payroll through real time tracking of labor costs.

Guarantee Accurate Employee Time Punching

Automate your time and attendance to simplify the way you track employee time. Every time punch is recorded and any edit leaves an audit trail to ensure accurate recording of employee time.

Improve Labor Visibility

Use our free mobile app to view real time labor statistics and employees clock status anywhere, anytime. Manage labor costs with punch management to know when you’re overshooting your goals.

Enforce Labor Regulatory Compliance

Stay in compliance with state and federal labor laws with preemptive alerts that notify you and staff before labor law breaches are due to occur. Audit tracking capability keeps you protected if you are ever audited.

Review employee Performance

Track employee performance with easy to understand employee performance reports that show you how employees are complying with labor laws. If you are using Zip Schedules know if employees are abiding by their schedules.

Employee time and attendance tracking has never been easier.
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