The 3 most Common Wage Hour Violations

Wage and hour laws have a number of aspects, including counting overtime, days taken for leaves, sick leaves and other wage issues, and overlooking any of these at the workplace can result in a number of costly lawsuits that can oftentimes be harsh and unforgiving. [...]

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Pros of Modern Time Clocks

According to studies conducted by independent researchers, employee morale receives a boost when time clocks are introduced in the workplace. This is understandable if you have a business that relies on flexible shift timings or employees who are regularly late. If you don’t have a documented means of recording their shift hours. [...]

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Payroll Management Software System

Tracking who’s working, how, and when is not just a hassle for managers – it can be a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be. Just imagine a world where employee time and attendance tracking is not just good management – it lays the ground for unlocking the potential of your organization and making smarter decisions.

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Payroll Time Clock Management Software

In terms of the processing time and keeping up with labor laws and regulations, payroll processing is a lengthy procedure that takes a lot of time and energy. Using a payroll software program for payroll processing facilitates you to manage your payroll obligations in a simple and efficient manner, while at the same time facilitating [...]

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