Zip Clock Return on Investment Calculator

This calculator estimates the potential return on mvestrnent that you could realnze by using Zip Clock. Enter your average values per employee to calculate your potential results. then scroll down to view them.

Average number of hours worked by employees each week:
Average number of unscheduled hours worked by employees each week (this number should be ≥ average overtime hours below):
Average number of overtime hours worked by employees each week:
Overtime Multiplier (employee pay rate x ? = overtime pay):
Average Pay Rate:
Total number of employees across your organzation:
Total Labor Cost:
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Current Labor Breakdown
Without Zip Clock
With Zip Clock
Without Zip Clock With Zip Clock
Cost of Unscheduled Hours (not counting overtime) $9,360 $9,360
Cost of Overtime Hours $9,360 $9,360
Total wasted time expenses in one year* $9,360 $9,360
Annual Savings $9,360
Your annual cost for Zip Clock $9,360
Your projected annual Return on Investment (ROI) $9,360
Eliminate approximately 90% of wasted time related expenses by controlling employee time more effectively using Zip Clock. How much more efficient could your labor management be using Zip Clock?