Timesheet Management System and Software

The world around us is becoming increasingly interconnected and dynamic. Achievements and best practices, in the past, took a fair amount of time before becoming common knowledge. But today, stellar performances and innovation is sought out.Unlike day to day operations, workforce management lies in the middle[...]

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Time Log Template for Labor Management

A few decades ago, employee time logging software was thought as the technology for the other half of the corporate world, something that was designed to be used by the Fortune 500 companies and well established organizations, the ones with huge organizational resources - not something that the average business [...]

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Employee Time Punch Clock- Lunch Labor Laws

While break and lunch labor laws vary from state to state, employers are generally obliged to provide such breaks accordingly, and to thereafter preserve enough proof of having provided the breaks, especially where the breaks are unpaid. Unfortunately, tracking meal breaks and other breaks is not as [...]

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Free Time Management Software

Stop paying for hundreds of ‘unscheduled minutes with Zip Clock’s free time management software! Time management and effective employee scheduling are some of the most important concerns for businesses irrespective of their shape and size. Managers can feel the pressure building when there’s a lack [...]

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