Biometric Time Clock Software for Efficient Time and Attendance Tracking

If you’re a restaurant owner looking to control and monitor employee compliance with work schedules, look no further. Zip Clock’ biometric time clock software is what you’ve been looking for. It will help you save money by prompting supervisors and managers long before labor law violations occur, thereby allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive to changing conditions.

Biometric Time Clock for Small Businesses To Manage Your Employee Attendance

Eliminate Buddy punching or Time theft with Zip Clock’s Biometric Time Clock Software!

Using Zip Clock, you’ll be able to keep the integrity of your business and eliminate any labor costs that may arise from employees working the system. With Zip Clock’s Time Clock, employees clock in and out using a pin number or biometric reader thereby stopping buddy punching and time theft.

Biometric Time Clock

And this is not it. Zip Clock’s intelligently designed biometric time clock software will help you eliminate payroll fraud immediately. It is very easy to use Zip Clock’s time clock for time punching. You’ll be able to download Zip Clock’s time clock with ease on any tablet; iPad, Windows or Android.

All that you’ll be required to do is download Zip Clock’s time Clock on your tablet and mount the tablet for employees to clock in and clock out with. And when the clock is not being used, the Time Clock morphs into the clock dashboard so your employees know when to take breaks and clock out. Zip Clock’s time clock system uses biometric technology to;

  • Reduce payroll errors due to time theft and buddy punching
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Eliminate buddy punching and time theft
  • Improve productivity, and
  • Establish accountability

Download Zip Clock’s Biometric Clock for Small Business – Save Real Money

Biometric Verification technology instantly verifies and clocks in Employees!

According to the American Payroll Association, “Buddy punching accounts for about 5% of overall payroll.” This essentially means that for a small business whose annual payroll is $200,000, this could mean losses of $10,000 – which is a lot.

Biometric Time Clock

Replacing your existing attendance system with our time clock system may be the best investment you’ll ever make. Zip Clock’s incredibly designed biometric time clock software not only makes your business run faster but also allows you to save thousands of dollars.

So what are you waiting for? Download Zip Clock’s easy to use time and attendance systems, eliminate time theft and increase your business profits!