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There is no law that requires employers to utilize time clock software or an employee time calculator to record employee time. It is usually up to the business owner to determine the ideal method for recording employee time. For example, a business owner or manager might choose to implement an electronic time clock that will scan a time card every time an employee reports to work. He or she can also choose to make use of an online employee time calculator where employees need to log into a software program to clock in and out of work.

The last couple of years have seen most businesses abandoning the old and now outdated time clock method that involves cards being punched into time clocks for the now popular time clock app or time clock software system.Employee Time Calculator

Time is money as the saying goes, but when employee time is incorrectly recorded, it leads to overpayments or underpayments. This is one of the many business challenges that can easily get solved by an employee time calculator such as Zip Clock. Using such software will not only save time and money, it will enable employees to always review the hours worked every week so that any issues can be solved justly.

Employee Time Calculator- Time Guidelines Employers Should Follow

While it is true that the U.S. Department of Labor does not force any time recording method on businesses, there are some time guidelines that should be followed by employers regardless of whether they have chosen to adapt time clock software as their means of employee time recording, or they are still using the older methods.

Employee Time Calculator- The Rounding Policy

Rounding employee time is permitted and employees can challenge the rounding policy if it is always favoring the employer. The rounding policy might vary, but generally, it should balance out or offset overtime.

Another thing that employers who use employee time calculator software should know is that employees are allowed to punch in or clock in a few minutes before the normal starting time, or to clock out a few minutes after the normal ending time. This is allowed as long as the employee who clocked in early does not perform any work until his or her shift starts officially. If the worker clocked out later than his official clocking out time, then it’s okay as long he/she did not perform any work after his/her shift ended officially. To avoid complicating matters, employers are advised to monitor this so as to limit early and late punches to only a few seconds or minutes.

Employee Time Calculator- Review or Audit Time Cards

Also, employers should give the employees a chance to review or audit their time cards at the end of a pay period. This is to ensure accuracy in all punches. In short, both the employee and manager/supervisor should verify the accuracy of the time records.