While break and lunch labor laws vary from state to state, employers are generally obliged to provide such breaks accordingly, and to thereafter preserve enough proof of having provided the breaks, especially where the breaks are unpaid. Unfortunately, tracking meal breaks and other breaks is not as easy as employers would like it to be, especially when the breaks involve workers or employees who are out on field assignments.

For many companies or businesses out there, there is no time punch clock or employee time punch software that offers a mechanism for remote employees to clock out for lunch breaks and other breaks as required by the law. Such companies simply record the time employers spend on their breaks manually so as to deduct it at the end of their shifts. Unfortunately, this method cannot be relied upon when it comes to accurate time recording.Employee Time Punch Clock

All employees deserve an accurate way or method to record their breaks, such as Zip Clock time punch software. This software, when used correctly, will present an accurate way for all workers, including remote workers, to record their breaks. This is because zip clock can be accessed via tablets, laptops, and other internet enabled devices including mobile phones. This means that even remote workers actually get to clock out for their breaks along with the other workers.

In most states, such as California, an employee is allowed to take a (paid) rest that should last ten minutes after every four hours of work. For a shift that goes beyond six hours, an employee is entitled to a thirty minute (unpaid) meal break. This is the reason why employees with the normal 8-5 jobs usually take a lunch break at 1pm.

To prove that such workers are indeed at their work stations when clocking out, Zip Clock utilizes geo-positioning software to locate the exact position of every employee as he/she uses the software to clock in and out.

Along with helping employers to adhere to lunch labor laws, zip clock time punch software will encourage them to adhere to adult and minor labor laws when used with its sister product, Zip Schedules.

Zip Schedules takes the relevant labor laws into consideration as an employee schedule is being created and therefore stops the manager or whoever is in charge of employee scheduling from violating the laws accidentally. Zip Clock takes over from there by notifying the manager whenever an employee is about to break any law associated with clock out times and breaks. This way, the manager will remind the employee to clock out in time.

With Zip Clock employee attendance time punch software, it is easy to see who has reported for their shift and who hasn’t. It is also easy to see who is always late for work and who doesn’t have a right to a full day’s wage. This way, the manager gets to distinguish between the serious workers and the jokers.

Zip Clock is currently offering a free trial for those who would like to experience the software firsthand. Simply visit this site to get started.