Stop paying for hundreds of ‘unscheduled minutes with Zip Clock’s free time management software!

Time management and effective employee scheduling are some of the most important concerns for businesses irrespective of their shape and size. Managers can feel the pressure building when there’s a lack of effective scheduling system.  To make things worse, the person in charge of this entire process in most cases is dealing with information overload, employee requests, availability calendars, time tables that need to be managed effectively on a day to day basis.Free Time Management Software

If you’ve been living under a lot of pressure and a pile of papers, it’s about time you considered investing in a time management software and begin managing your employee schedules and time in the most effective manner.

Zip Clock – Online Clock Software and Biometric Time Clock

If you’ve been looking for the best online clock software that could help you manage your staff schedules and time in a simple and straightforward manner, look no further. Download Zip Clock today!

Zip Clock’s online clock software helps you eliminate the need for costly stand alone equipment, effectively facilitating and further enhancing the entire process of time management and payroll management. With Zip Clock, you won’t have to pay for your wasted time anymore. This brilliant time clock software will allow you to manage your employees in the best possible manner.

Let’s have a lot at some features of Zip Clock’s time clock software.

Your Employees Can Clock In While on the Go!

Zip Clock’s mobile app allows you to Clock in while on the go. Additionally, this efficient time clock will help you track the location of your employees when they use a mobile device to clock in and clock out. The time clock software also allows managers to verify the clock location of employees using GPS setting.

Clock Dashboard

Clock Dashboards is one of the most striking features of Zip Clock that allows you to view the schedule status of your staff in one place. Additionally, you’ll be able to keep a check on upcoming shifts, who’s about to clock in or clock out, employees who are currently on break and those who are about to end their shift.

Shift Time Management

Zip Clock also allows you managers to effectively manage shift schedules and time. For example, if a staff member or employee doesn’t show up for work, you’ll need to call in a replacement. In order to simplify the tedious task of decision making, the time clock software will open up a screen that contains all the information you’ll need to find shift replacements within moments.

It will show you a complete list of all available employees along with their weekly hours as well as projected hours to overtime. You’ll be able to click on their name and their remaining schedule for the week will be displayed on the screen that appears.

So what are you waiting for? Download Zip Clock’s free time software today and begin managing your employee schedules and time in the most efficient manner.