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Best Features of a Time Clock Calculator

For restaurants to stay afloat, it is key to maintain a strong management system. Implementing a time clock calculator is one of the primary steps to achieving this.

Does Every Restaurant Need a Time Clock?


Every business that wants to grow beyond its current status must start working towards that. Undoubtedly, time is of the essence in life and especially in business. Likewise, having a tight grasp on time helps business owners and employees make the most use of their time on the clock.

Running a business is not an easy gig, especially during a time where the competition continues to increase.

To remain relevant in such a competitive environment, you must ensure that your company stays up-to-date on the latest workforce trends. For restaurants to stay afloat, it is key to maintain a strong management system. Implementing a time clock calculator is one of the primary steps to achieving this.

What to Expect from Time Clock Software

Incorporating a time clock is an excellent way to assign and monitor the daily activities of your employees. Here are the benefits of doing so.

1. Improve Use of Time
Through the automation of scheduling and timekeeping processes, management will no longer have to continue with the conventional process of manual entry to log when employees punch in/out.

Instead, the software will record all necessary attendance data, further aiding in helping you achieve the desired results of proficiency and accuracy.

In addition to the elimination of possible human error, a time clock also helps in offering additional conveniences in system notifications. This includes sending alerts and flagging for overtime hours and notifying when breaks must be taken to avoid meal violations.

2. Flexible Functionalities
Ideally, you want your staff to be punctual and arrive on time to each scheduled shift. The idea of punctuality doesn’t just end at showing up to the restaurant on time; it also extends to showing up to every shift on time, even the remote ones.

But, how can you enforce accurate clocking in and clocking out of your employees when they are working away from the restaurant? Although traditional clock-in formats like card scanners and punch-card machines are helpful, they don’t work as well as an advanced digital format.

With remote functionalities of a mobile time clock, the end-users (your employees) are able to clock-in remotely from their phones. A time clock calculator with lunch break notifications also makes this option great for employees who are working an outside event, like a private party or catering event. This ensures employees will not be in violation of labor laws.

Also, the software is compatible with many Internet-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Personal computers can also perform the same task.

3. Excellent Monitoring
Are you bothered that your workers may have been manipulating the schedule all along? Maybe, you're scared that they have been clocking in from any location or that they clock in when they please.

A strong time clock will also offer superior time monitoring skills, cutting down on shift fraud. Because some apps allow employees to punch in via phone, some dishonest employees may try to clock in for a shift although they are not physically present.

With GPS tracking features, the best time clocks will allow you to track the activities of your staff so you can confirm that your employees did in fact show up to their scheduled shift. With that in place, it would be a hassle-free process in identifying the time and location where each person clocked in.

Added Bonus Features

1. Enhanced Communication
Enhanced communication systems that come with many time clock applications will make communication between management and co-workers more seamless and effective.

The best software comes with a built-in messaging program that allows project managers to communicate with employees, as well as employees with co-workers.

The software empowers management to send broadcast messages to the team as a whole or to individual employees and vice versa. This is especially beneficial with a time clock calculator with lunch breaks approaching because management can simply forward a message to an employee informing them that they must clock out for a break.

2. Audits
You would agree that auditing the schedule of each team member could be a tedious and tiresome affair, and correcting the compilation of overlapped employee clock-in errors does not ease the process.

As a solution, utilizing a time clock app empowers you to get it all done through automation. In that instance, managers would be able to have real-time reporting/feedback about any punch in/out missteps or missed clock-ins entirely.

Choosing the Right Time Clock Calculator for Your Business

When shopping around for a time clock, be on the lookout for an intuitive interface that allows you to review and manage all time punches to ensure they are correct before drawing up the payroll.

The software should also feature a biometric time clock to eliminate the worrisome of buddy punching or unauthorized clock-in and clock-out.

Above all, the app should check all of the boxes, including help reduce labor costs, eliminate time theft, and simplifying employee time and attendance records and logs.

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