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What is Timekeeping? Definition & Importance

What is timekeeping? Timekeeping is the practice of tracking employee work hours to minimize human errors and ensure accurate payments.
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Understanding Time Theft Laws and What to Look Out For

Time theft laws refer to time and attendance fraud activities that can cost companies significant amounts of money.
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Why Project Management Time Tracking is Important

Project management time tracking is a critical component to ensuring teams effectively complete assignments.
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Understanding Time Clock Rules for Hourly Employees

There are key time clock rules for hourly employees that companies need to be aware of to ensure compliance.
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What is Labor Law Compliance and Challenges to Look Out For

Labor law compliance is the practice of adhering to labor regulations set forth by the federal, state, and local governments.
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Understanding Lunch Break Laws by State

Having a thorough understanding of lunch break laws by state will enable entrepreneurs to ensure labor law compliance.
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The Benefits of Employee Time Clocks for Small Business

Entrepreneurs are increasingly adopting employee time clocks for small businesses. These tools allow for efficiency, accuracy, and improved satisfaction.
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Why You Should Use an Employee Attendance Tracker

An employee attendance tracker is a tool that employers can use to monitor employees' punctuality and presence at work. The latest systems can streamline payroll and improve morale.
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What is Double Time Pay and How to Calculate it

Double time pay is a form of overtime pay, in which employers compensate their staff twice their regular rate. This is commonplace for employees that work in less desirable or extreme situations.
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Everything a You Need to Know About Employee Time Clocks

Employee time clocks are innovative software systems that track employee work hours. These tools are key for ensuring productivity and streamlining payroll.
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