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Semi-Monthly vs. Bi-Weekly Payroll- Key Differences

Employers can choose from semi-monthly or bi-weekly pay cycles, each with different advantages. Here are the key differences between semi-monthly and biweekly payroll.
semi monthly vs bi weekly payroll key differences

Payroll Time Conversion- How to Convert Minutes for Payroll

Converting minutes for payroll incorrectly can result in costly mistakes and extra work for the human resource department. Here's how to properly convert minutes for payroll.
payroll time conversion how to convert minutes for payroll

Biometric Scanners & Fingerprint Identification in the Workplace

Biometric scanners and fingerprint identification systems are now being utilized in workplaces all around the United States to track time and attendance, as well as verify employee identity.
biometric scanners fingerprint identification in the workplace

Facial & Fingerprint Recognition Time Clocks- Benefits & Differences

Fingerprint and facial recognition time clocks are reliable timekeeping devices that eliminate time theft and help businesses maintain labor law compliance. Here are the benefits and how both identifi
facial fingerprint recognition time clocks benefits differences

An Overview of HR Payroll

Utilizing payroll software streamlines work for the Human Resource department and ensures labor law compliance in the United States. Here's an overview of the go-to HR payroll processes.
an overview of hr payroll

10 Steps to Manage Payroll

Proper payroll management can ensure that a company is compliant with federal, state, and local tax laws and regulations. Here are 10 steps to successfully manage payroll.
10 steps to manage payroll

How to Improve Workforce Management Efficiency

Businesses utilize various strategies to improve workplace management efficiency and productivity. Here's some ways to improve operational efficiency.
how to improve workforce management efficiency

How to Evaluate Employee Performance

Employee evaluation forms are useful for measuring performance and motivating individuals to continue meeting their goals. Read more on how to evaluate employee performance here.
how to evaluate employee performance

Fingerprint Technology- How Digital Fingerprinting Works

Fingerprint technology is utilized to protect media creators, prevent fraud, and identify individuals in the workplace. Discover exactly how digital fingerprinting technology works.
fingerprint technology how digital fingerprinting works