Biometric Time Clock Device

Hold your employees accountable for every time punch.

When you purchase the Zip Clock biometric time clock, you gain visibility and control over employee time and attendance.

Both administration and employees will be able to monitor employee time and self-police when time clock warning appear next to each employee.

The Next Generation Employee Time Clock

Biometric time clock device

Employee time is hard to enforce when there are so many ways to cheat the system. The Zip Clock biometric time clock device stops this problem by requiring each employee to clock in and clock out on the device.

Employee time clock dashboard

The employee time clock dashboard is a unique concept to Zip Clock's fingerprint time clock. It empowers employees to self-police their own time. Emoticons signal different alerts so employees can let each other know when the end of their shift is approaching.

The Fingerprint Time Clock

Prevent buddy punching

Save time and money with the biometric time clock device for employees to clock in and out. You'll know that buddy punching is no longer occurring because the fingerprint clock in prevents it from happening.

Eliminate bottlenecks during shift changes

The worst possible experience for a customer is when they get stuck in line during a shift change. With our employee time clock device, you'll never have to worry about that again.

The Schedule Alert System

Reduce labor rule violations

The biometric time clock device alerts employees of upcoming breaks and overtime breaches. By empowering employees to self-police themselves while at the same time having visibility, you'll be able to improve employee time clocking.

Hold employees accountable

When employees self-police themselves, you don't have to. With Zip Clock, managers have time to coach employees and stay focused on the customer experience.

The Free Employee Time Clock App

iPad time clock

Zip Clock is available for free on your iPad. You won't have the biometric technology, but you will have the same time tracking capabilities.

Android tablet time clock

The employee time clock solution is also available on any Android tablet. The shift reports just by themselves help you make more informed business decisions.

Access these biometric time clock features and more...

Designed for Any Business

We designed the Zip Clock biometric time clock device for any business looking to save time and money on their labor costs.

Used by Industry Leaders

Zip Clock is saving some of the leading universities, fast food and fast casual chains, and entertainment businesses time and money.

Employee Schedule Monitoring

Since the Zip Clock time clock technology was designed to integrate with Zip Schedules, schedule tracking syncs when you use both.

Web based employee time clock software that simplifies time and attendance. Try it free.