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5 Advantages of Using Time Clock Software

5 advantages of using time clock software
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco

First Thing's First

If you are in the market for a better way to keep track of your employees while they are on the clock, then an employee time clock is for you.

You may have heard of web-based time clock apps, but do you know the full capabilities of the software or the number of benefits that these apps can bring to you and your business?

The new technology leverages both cloud and mobile advancements that deliver time tracking solutions for employee timekeeping.

Time tracking software offers a number of features that will deliver immense benefits to businesses. With a time clock, you can increase accuracy on timesheet logs, reduce and even eliminate time theft, boost employee morale, ensuring labor laws are being followed by everyone (employers and employees).

We've only just scratched the surface. The rewarding deliverables of what you can expect from implementing a time clock in your restaurant are as follows.


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One of the most important things that a time clock app can do for your business is to increase time tracking accuracy.

Most time clock apps are essentially as accurate as atomic time clocks and allow for precise measurements of time worked. And with the automated time clock app, you don't have to spend large amounts of time recording data, and then logging that data into spreadsheets.

You also do not need to worry about manually converting decimal time to standard time. This reduces the possibility of transcription errors and ultimately inaccurate paychecks, written for the incorrect amount.

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Reduces Time Theft

Another aspect of accuracy that employee time clock apps improve is the reduction of time theft. Companies lose billions of dollars annually due to employee time theft.

Much of it might be due to inadvertent mistakes that are never corrected. In other instances, time theft is a willful manipulation of the numbers to boost paychecks.

To fully eliminate time theft, see the biometrics section of this article.

Improves Employee Morale

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A third party, objective system is not only good for employers, but it is really good for employees as well.

Time theft can go both ways. According to an article in Fast Company, employers steal roughly $15 billion dollars every year from employees. We are not suggesting that the current reader is a wage thief who needs to be monitored continuously by a time clock app, but we are acknowledging that wage theft is an employee experience.

New employees, for example, may have been burned by a former employer and are distrustful of employers in general now.

A time clock app that allows employees to track their time makes them feel empowered, which leads to better employee morale and ultimately increased productivity.

Labor Law Adherence

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A related benefit involving employee morale is the ability of a time tracker app to keep tabs on labor law adherence.

The best timekeeping software should possess features that monitor employees punch in/out time. And with that, then sends alerts to employees and management if labor laws are about to be violated.

Examples of this include when meal breaks need to be taken before a certain hour or when an employee has worked an excess of hours and is approaching overtime that needs approval.

This feature ensures that all laws are being followed and documents everything in case of an unforeseen labor lawsuit. The labor law feature, itself, reduces the possibility that a lawsuit will even be filed in the first place.

Utilizing these applications to abide by labor laws keeps employees happy and reduces the chance that you will get caught up in a lengthy and expensive legal battle.

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Biometric Features Eliminate Buddy Punching

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Related to time theft, buddy punching is a huge problem in many industries, especially retail and large warehouse operations with lots of employees and not enough managers to keep track of everyone all at once.

If you are not familiar with the term, buddy punching is when an employee convinces another employee to clock him/her in before the requesting employee arrives to work.

Buddy punching is typically used to either hide tardiness from management or to just simply steal hours of the company's time and be compensated for the time that was not in fact worked.

A time clock system that includes biometric features, like fingerprint scanning, essentially eliminates this problem forever. With biometric features, only each individual employee can punch in/our based on their personal biometric data.

Cuts Down on Labor Costs

There are obvious savings associated with using a time clock app as your primary time and attendance system.

The first and most obvious is the reduction in labor time spent doing tedious administrative tasks like manually inputting hours and uploading those numbers to a payroll system.

The second most obvious is the reduction in time recording errors and theft. The third and maybe less obvious is that you can invest those saved costs into increased productivity, ultimately steering the organization closer toward its goals.

Time Cock Software You Need to Try Today

With Zip Clock, you get all of the previously mentioned benefits, plus much more.

Zip Clock is a biometrically enabled time clock solution that will help you save on labor costs, eliminate time theft, and prevent buddy punching.

Zip Clock is fully mobile and can be used from employee mobile devices. Employees and managers will receive mobile notifications about possible labor law breaches and remind employees to take scheduled breaks.

Come check out all the features and learn how Zip Clock can be your time clock solution!

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