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6 Awesome Tips for Choosing a Web Time Clock

6 awesome tips for choosing a web time clock
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Everyone needs a web time clock to improve their employee time tracking practices. For managers, this solution is handy because it doesn't just present who has clocked in and clocked out for the day, but it also possess features like GPS, sick leave, and vacation monitoring, scheduling employees, and analysis breakdown of labor costs.

Even if your company is small, using timekeeping software is still a valuable solution, because unlike using a pen and paper, you will gather useful insights into your workforce functions.

Moreover, when it comes to cost-effectiveness, utilizing software will reduce processing costs by automating the work. Automation will also reduce errors that are typically caused by manual data entry.

With all of its advantages, it is important to make sure that you choose the most cost-effective and suitable time and attendance solution for your business. The following tips will help you in accomplishing that.

One - Consider Why You Need a Time Clock

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In any problem-solving process, the first step is to always define the problem before looking for the solution.

You need to consider the goals you wish to accomplish for your business. In this case, you need to consider how an employee time clock will improve your restaurant run more efficiently, then consider what potential obstacles you may be confronted with when trying to achieve those goals.

You should make a detailed list of features that you need in a time clock so that it can be effectively implemented in your business. That will ease the process of choosing software to a great extent, as you filter out the options less fitting.

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Two - Try to Understand Your Employees' Viewpoint

It's important to take into account that you will not be the only one using this program.

You will need to consider the needs of your employees in order to make the better judgment into what system will fit into your work culture the best.

Because many individuals are somewhat tech savvy and fairly familiar with technological advancements, most have technical abilities that would be compatible with the latest web time clock software.

For those who may be less familiar, they will most likely become acclimated quickly, as most programs are simple to use. Training should also be provided in this scenario, as well.

Furthermore, if you feel you have been losing in labor costs, due to possible time theft, it would be important to take into consideration a software that has a strong security system and will prevent dishonest time punching or buddy punching from occurring.

Three - Invest in Reliable Data Security & Integration

Losing time clock and timesheet data is probably the worst kind of scenario because of the multitude of problems it can cause for everyone business, management, and employees.

Obviously, you don't want your data to be lost, destroyed, or tampered with. So, it is only logical that you select timekeeping software with superior security and backup options.

This includes exporting data to local backup or in the cloud. A cloud-based app like is a great option because all of the data is always backed up on the cloud, which provides you with a complete sense of security for your records.

Four - Opt for Simplified User Interface & Implementation

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The time you will spend on customization, maintenance, and training of your employees will most definitely cost you money.

When choosing a web time clock, you need to keep these aspects in mind so that you do not have to overspend in other areas, like trying to implement the software into your existing interface.

By going with an easy-to-use timekeeping programming with a user-friendly interface, you make sure that your employees will not require much time to adjust to the new system.

Instead, employees will embrace the new system once they are given the facts on the product and how it will actually benefit them, because it will accurately track their working time, like overtime. This factor directly affects when paychecks become available because there will not be any errors to correct, delaying the payment process. Instead, this will ensure that employees are always paid on time and for the correct amount.

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Five - Offer Mobility Tools

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It is true that data safekeeping is a priority along with ease of implementation and many other useful features.

The employees can use this solution anywhere with an internet connection and disperse real-time information to their managers so that they can keep track of productivity levels.

However, a great web time clock will also have a mobile app associated with the software. An app will prove to be very beneficial for your business because modern workforces are regularly active on their mobile devices, along with the internet.

With schedules, time worked, overtime accrued, and sick time/PTO used being easily accessible on the mobile app, employees and managers are able to view all of this information outside of work. This is a great feature because it shows if an employee is being overscheduled or underscheduled.

Six - Customer Service Should Be a Priority

The last thing to keep in mind is that no online software is free of issues. There will always come a time when you face an issue or technical misstep.

Responsive support and quick customer service will come in handy and be greatly appreciated if ever experienced.

Along with that, updates are also an important thing to consider. You and your employees should be able to get in contact with someone whenever any issue arises so that you don't waste so much time trying to figure out the solution yourself.

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