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Getting the Most Out of Your Time Clock Software

getting the most out of your time clock software
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Having your employees use a time clock to punch in/out for every shift can help you monitor and manage your staff's time on the clock. Most software simply allows employees to just clock in and clock out, but a superior clock system will offer much more.

With added features such as GPS location tracking, payroll assistance, and biometric data collection, just to name a few, your time clock software can offer so much more, going beyond mere time tracking.

Utilizing all of your attendance software's capabilities can help alleviate stress and make your job much easier.

Here are the additional features your employee time clock software should possess.

Reasonably Priced

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Finding an employee time clock software that is inexpensive is relatively easy. The challenging part comes when trying to find an inexpensive option that also offers business owners additional tools to strengthen the brand.

We all know how important it is to keep your spending low when running a business. You want to make a smart and worthwhile investment without having to spend a ton.

There are plenty of cost-effective options available that have a plethora of great features that you and your staff will benefit from. A lot of software that has employee time clock capabilities has several different payment plan options to make it more affordable, especially for smaller businesses.

You can also schedule a free demo or inquire about a free trial period before committing to a contract. This will ensure you do not waste any money on a product that just isn't a good match for you and your brand.

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Organization Through Proficiency

One thing that business owners love is maintaining organization. If everything's in its proper place, your company runs much more smoothly.

The last thing you want is trying to locate an employee's timesheet or time card to verify actual hours worked on payday, restricting your employee of earned pay. You then run the risk of facing hefty fines or even worse, a lawsuit.

Using time attendance software is great because not only is everything kept in organized files, but everything is easily accessible because it's all digital. You don't have to worry about keeping track of loose papers and important documents because they'll all be in one safe place.

This type of software also keeps you organized when it comes to your current employee roster and who is currently on your payroll. Upcoming PTO (paid time off) and take sick leave will also be logged.

This keeps you ahead of the game and will make shifts run more smoothly because you will be properly staffed.

Schedule Administration & Distribution on a Grander Scale

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Another great feature that a lot of employee time clock software options offer is the ability to easily administer schedules efficiently.

This is a fantastic tool that can make your job so much easier. You can use the software to create everyone's schedules and see if some employees will have things like vacation time, sick days or overtime.

On this same note, your employees will be able to use the software to not only see when they're scheduled but when their co-workers are scheduled, as well. This can be incredibly beneficial if someone needs to switch shifts with somebody else last minute, or if an employee is sick and needs to see who is available that day to come in and work for them.

Overall, the ability to administer schedules and make schedule adjustments as needed for all of your staff to see is incredibly convenient.

It's important to note that some software options allow employees to message each other from within the mobile app. This can be an awesome feature if someone isn't comfortable sharing a phone number, or if you just want to keep all work information in one public place.

Prevents Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is a dishonest time theft tactic made by employees to get compensated while off the clock.

Let's say you have John and Jane scheduled to work a shift together. John leaves at the end of his shift but did not clock out. He calls the store when he gets home, and Jane answers. 30 minutes later, at John's request, Jane clocks John out. John then gets paid an additional 30 minutes of pay, even though he was not actually working.

Buddy punching can even take place on days when an employee isn't scheduled to work. As long as an employee is clocked in, and management does not notice that that employee is not actually present and working, buddy punching will continue to occur.

Utilizing biometric time attendance software will prevent employee time theft. Because no one can clock in except the employee whose biometric data was collected, like a biometric fingerprint with a finger scanner, there will be no way for employees to punch in/out for one another.

This will keep your employees honest and only allow pay for time worked.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

Final Words

There are plenty of amazing reasons why you may want to use software for your business. It can make your life much easier and helps to keep everything organized.

Remember, you don't have to spend a ton of money to find an awesome software that has plenty of great features. There are more benefits than downfalls of using an employee time clock software.

Even if you're not used to using technology, a lot of these software options are easy to learn and pretty straightforward! It won't be long until you're thanking yourself for choosing to get a software for all of these benefits and more!

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