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How a Time Clock Will Improve Your Employees' Work Ethic

how a time clock will improve your employees work ethic
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Time tracking is a great tool, and there are undoubtedly a number of features you cannot afford to miss out on when looking for the best time clock on the market.

If you haven't used time clock software before, then you don't know what you are missing out on. On a personal level, if you want to improve profitability and make better project estimates, then automated time tracking can be a big help.

You can find many different time tracking software out there, and some are vastly more superior than others.

Regardless if you a small to medium-sized business, or even an enterprise, all types of industries can benefit from automated time and attendance software. Time tracking makes it easier for management to manage tasks, as well as inform employees of their responsibilities.

Here's a guide to list out the key benefits that a strong employee time clock can bring to your restaurant.

Increases Productivity & Improves Focus

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Another benefit that stands above everything else is that time tracking software can make employees more productive in the long-run.

Because the program is capable of tracking real-time activity, it will notify management of how long it's taking employees to complete certain tasks in comparison with their peers.

If a specific employee is taking longer than most, then this could be a cause of concern, because the employee could be distracted or maybe not thoroughly trained. Whatever the reason may be, the time log allows for management to open up a dialogue with employees to discuss how work ethic and productivity can be improved.

This will help you solve operational inefficiencies, which in turn, will allow the whole team to become more productive.

One of the best things about an employee time clock machine is that it allows employees to easily track their time worked.

In the past, when an employee's hours were logged manually with a punch time card or even with a pen and paper, many were mistakenly shorthanded and improperly compensated, due to oversights and log errors.

By utilizing a time clock, each individual employee can see how many hours they actually worked and monitor that the hours are being calculated correctly and accurately.

Advanced time clocks can also keep a time log of how long it takes to complete projects and tasks. In doing so, employees can see where they may be underperforming based on how long it's taking to complete certain assignments. This will motivate your employees to focus more on their work and inspire them to try and improve.

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Improves Communication with Workflow Management

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Aside from simply gathering data, time and attendance apps offer much more.

One of the best things about this kind of app is that it helps communicate progress quite easily. If you are assigning a project that requires employees to collaborate with each other, then communicating progress is very important.

When employees know they have to abide by a scheduled timeline and complete a task within a given amount of time, they will work more productively.

When using an employee time clock, it provides a better idea of what is going on within the business, even when not physically present.

With time tracking software, management and business owners have a better overview of how their business is running, because the system provides a digital log of hours each employee is working, as well as when employees clock in and clock out. This further ensures that no one is taking advantage of the system and committing time theft.

Employee time clocks also help employees in presenting how long it takes for each individual to complete projects and track progress.

Improves Accuracy in Payroll

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With an employee time clock machine, you can create digital timesheets. Doing so will allow you to take note of all your employees' work activities.

You will no longer need to manually input the time in and time out for each employee, as the software will create an accurate time and attendance record for you.

This automated process will then take the hours logged and automatically generate how much an employee will be paid for the hours worked that week or month. Employees will be paid correctly and on time, which everyone can appreciate.

Promotes Understanding of Limitations

Every employee needs to manage their personal workload, and in relation, managers should also know the limitations of their employees.

If employees start working longer hours without knowing how much they can handle, then their health may become a concern, which ultimately affects the quality of work.

Time tracking apps notify when employees are reaching an excess of hours on the day and/or week, and it helps management better understand the capacity of their staff.

This is valuable information, and it can be used to everyone's advantage to increase productivity during certain hours. This will also decrease overtime hours, saving the company tons in labor costs.

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Tracks Internal Time Burned

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Most time tracking apps out there, not only track billable hours but they also track the remaining hours as well.

This helps business owners get more control over their business. These applications track the time that you spent on task management, meetings, and more.

In this way, managers and supervisors can identify the inefficient processes that are limiting the team's productivity and bring some much-needed changes.

Time tracking increases productivity and helps flush out all of the inefficiencies from everyday routine, and it opens up a window of opportunity to find how to improve.

When companies are implementing a time clock, they need to keep things transparent so that employees can easily adapt to the new system.

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