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How Everyone Benefits from Time Tracking

how everyone benefits from time tracking
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Most of the time when we engage in conversations around automatic time tracking, there is sometimes pushback from employees, as it is understood that time clocks are explicitly designed to aid managers without any inherent benefits for the employees themselves.

This is a very common opinion that much of today's workforce believes to be true, but as it turns out, automated time tracking benefits everyone.

Time clocks bring tremendous benefits for everyone in the organization, including management and employees. However, as a manager explaining this to employees can sometimes be difficult.

Here are the top four advantages that time tracking brings explicitly to employees working in any company!

Resource for Personal Self-Analysis

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First and foremost, an easy time clock login makes for an amazing opportunity for an employee to truly recognize punctuality (or lack thereof) and work ethic through time tracking.

It provides information and data that is representative of an employee's overall productivity at work, which works as a great way to introspect and find ways to improve work performance.

Automatic time tracking applications allow employees to access data pertaining to their job performance, including scheduled and timed tasks. This information is accessible to each employee, as well as management, so all relevant parties are informed of the relevant data.

As a manager, you must explain to your employees how keeping a digital log of their time and attendance will provide them with a new perspective of observing how much time is lost or spent completing designated tasks.

As important as this information is, employees should also be told that the automatic tracker will even provide them insight into their work patterns, which will allow further reassessment and personal evaluation.

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Improves Employee Productivity

Ambitious employees who are looking to advance in their careers should understand that there is no such thing as taking shortcuts, which is why it is absolutely vital that these career-minded employees consider their personal effectiveness in the workplace.

But how does one measure effectiveness? How are they to determine where they can improve and where they excel?

This is where an easy time clock login comes into play again.

Time tracking provides employees hands-on feedback on their performance, and thus allows them to manage their time at work better.

It empowers them to make more conscientious decisions when it comes to time management and deadlines, as well as focus more closely on the task(s) at hand.

Most importantly, it gives employees the insight necessary for the creation of efficient daily work schedules, thus optimizing workflow, and in turn, makes both management and employees satisfied and more pleased.

Builds Confidence & Trust

The modern employee typically appreciates the trust of superiors or those in leadership roles. Once trust is earned, employees are granted more freedom to manage personal work life with minimal micromanagement.

So, you need to assure your team of this. Explain to employees that once the organization has an automatic time tracker in place, then management will be able to better assess who requires very little direction versus who maybe requires more.

Once that trust is earned, employees will have more control over their workday and how they approach it. Since employees already will have access to their work-data, they can incrementally continue to improve and learn how to become more productive.

It's a win-win situation employees earn control of their time, while companies get productive employees!

Performance Recognition

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One of the most frustrating problems that employees face in the workplace is not being recognized for personal contributions.

A fairly large number of employees probably have felt this horrible feeling of not being recognized or appreciated for their work or, worse, somebody completely taking credit for another's work. That is an awful truth and one that is enough to demoralize anyone.

However, this problem becomes resolved once a time clock is implemented into your organization, as it will closely monitor each individual employee's performance, preventing confusion from occurring.

Explain that employees working with an automated time tracker should encourage employees to feel confident that their efforts will not go unnoticed, because the software is not biased or capable of showing favoritism, allowing for a culture of fairness.

Those who perform well will get better promotions, salaries, and other rewarding benefits, which will be of great use for their careers.

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In Conclusion

With automatic time tracking and an easy time clock login feature, any establishment would surely benefit from utilizing this method of timekeeping.

It assists employees in reviewing their performances at the end of their workday, giving them the opportunity to assess their productivity and improve as a result.

It makes employees feel empowered to manage their office hours as per their liking, as well as provide the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts will be appreciated and visible to their managers. This will allow them to be rewarded and appreciated for their performances.

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