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How Time Card Apps Are Helping Businesses Go Mobile

how time card apps are helping businesses go mobile
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco

The Growth of A Digitally-Empowered Mobile Workforce

Market research shows that smartphone owners touch their phones approximately 2,600 times a day. That's almost 2600 swipes, clicks, and taps to access social media, messaging, gaming, and other functions. Similarly, employees are now using multiple phone applications ranging from productive to entertainment purposes on a daily basis.

This rise in business-related apps has a number of benefits for companies, especially those that employ remote or mobile workers.

Consider this, the number of mobile employees across the world will increase from 2017's 1.52 billion, about 39.3%, of the workforce to 1.88 billion by 2023, which is 43.3% of the workforce.

To combat a number of issues arising as a result of this, certain apps such as time card apps can be used to bridge the gap between the workplace and the increasingly global workforce.

Essentially, time card apps help companies automate timesheet collection, payroll creation, and approval processes in one go. Simply put, they use biometric technology to identify employees and take their attendance.

It has become easier than ever to track employee attendance without any hassle, thanks to these apps. This creates an infallible system that enables employees to clock-in from their phone (if working remotely) or via a fixed terminal (if present on-premises), effectively eliminating the perils of time-theft and simplifying employee time and attendance.

Despite these advantages, you might still have a hard time believing that a time clock solution is a need for all modern businesses. The simple fact is that employees are often careless about filling out timesheets manually and it costs businesses millions of dollars annually.

Here's why you should invest in a time card app for your employees and your business.

Why Implement a Timesheet App for Your Mobile Workforce?

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At this point, it is safe to say that mobile apps are no longer a fad, but a necessity for businesses that rely on mobile workers.

The fact of the matter is that paper timesheets are a massive burden on payroll processes across all industries. But it becomes an even bigger issue when dealing with field workers and mobile employees.

Managers often end up spending hours upon hours, figuring out how to attribute the right labor costs to the right projects and cost codes.

And that's just the beginning, because the payroll team then has to read incomplete timecards, manually figure out illegible timesheets and then implement these into their accounting software.

Implementing a time card app in such an environment minimizes the headaches caused by paper timesheets. Also, employees can directly punch in and out of work with their mobile devices.

This power over employee time tracking doesn't have to be a long-term dream for your company. There are more benefits to going mobile with a time card app that affects employees and departments throughout your organization.

For example, in addition to added security and accuracy, the advantages of a reliable biometric timecard app can be felt in the following areas of operations.

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Real-Time Statistics Keep Managers Informed

Supervisors and managers can access relevant project data accumulated with a time card app. They can use the information system to efficiently run the numbers and get accurate results.

This information can help them answer many questions, including

  • Which task took more or less human resources to complete?
  • Did any employees spend unplanned time at a job? If yes, then at what cost?
  • How much is the difference in the number of workers and hours worked between specific jobs?
  • Is more or less time spent on any given task. If yes, then why?

A robust integrated biometric timeclock can sort employees by their location or by a cost code, etc. This helps breakdown the numbers and gives managers the ability to track project variables related to the employees.

With a good time tracking app, you can not only gather employee time and attendance data but also tie that data to onsite jobs and detailed costs. When accurate data is sorted and reported automatically, managers get a real picture of project costs.

Enhanced Profits and Bid Optimization

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Time gaps, time padding, and other errors caused by manual timekeeping are eliminated when you switch to an automated timekeeping solution like a time card app.

For instance, comparisons and cost forecasts should always be based on reliable data, so managers don't have to speculate about what it'll cost to complete a project. Accurate and up-to-date information on one project makes a strong basis for calculating costing data for the next job.

Labor is a huge part of the total project costs, especially in service industries like construction, design, restaurants, etc. Hence, it is important for project managers to ensure that the assigned resources are appropriate for the job as a whole and this can be analyzed based on data collected from the time card app.

Historical patterns are followed and trusted when the new task is similar, and with a good time card app in your repertoire, you can easily rely on the collected data. Managers gain confidence when they have the correct knowledge of historical data for hours worked and labor costs that contain no ambiguities.

Using this information, they can bid on jobs and price their next project with complete confidence in the numbers at hand.

Leaders, managers and workers alike get to perform with less stress and with a higher level of certainty because they have confidence in the foundation of the new project.

Remote Field Crew Supervision Made Easier

Time card apps are powerful and still user-friendly, so whether you are supervising a construction crew or IT experts, they can all easily install the app and intuitively learn to use it.

Workers time-in using the app installed on their phones and this information is relayed to the central cloud storage that you can access at any time. Managers can see who's signed into the shift and whether they are on time.

With time card apps, workers can view their total hours worked, overtimes, leaves, etc. This way, the management and the workers are on the same page and both remain accountable for the hours on the clock.

The scheduling features of a reliable time card app let admins and managers set up shifts, which can be shared with the workers instantly. So everyone knows when they have to work along with the relevant date, time range, and cost code for each shift.

This keeps the crew accountable for the time that you are paying them for. Make sure you pick the right app to keep track of shifts and give your workforce access to the schedule so everyone can plan their workweek accordingly.

Again, biometric technology makes it easier to confirm that the right person is signing in for the right job at the right site. This contributes significantly to project efficiency, as it enables self-directed accountability and enhances ownership of the results amongst workers.

Automated integration of time tracking improves control, coordination, and consistency across a project. And the results are similar whether the apps are used for in-person supervision or for remote management.

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Automated Business Analysis & Payroll Reports

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Accounting managers know that keeping an accurate record of break hours may be a tiny little detail, but it can add up to big numbers. For example, 33% of companies make payroll errors that cost them billions of dollars annually.

In short, even the slightest errors can accumulate into massive mistakes if overlooked. One such seemingly small detail is getting employee data from remote sites or mobile workers back to the offices in a complete and correct format.

With mobile integrated time card apps, this monumental task becomes convenient and automated. The data is delivered to the offices in real-time, so you can be sure that it is reliable and accurate. So when the boss asks for an interim labor report, managers no longer have to scramble for the numbers.

Lastly, assimilating time clock data with payroll software removes the possibility of error in handling the paperwork and manual data.

Everyone Wins with a Timesheet App

Biometric time card apps are easy to adapt, but it is vital that company leaders, managers, and employees support the transition. It's not just about the growth of your company, but also for the benefit of individual employees.

Remember, employees are often the most prominent opponents to change, especially towards accountability.

However, thanks to modern millennial workers, app adoption in the workplace is on the rise, as surveys show that numerous organizations expect their workers to use their private devices for work.

Clocking into work has become just as easy as checking in to a restaurant on social media. Employees no longer have to suffer through surprises hidden in the paycheck, discrepancies are addressed immediately and workers get paid swiftly and accurately whether they are on-site or on a remote location.

All these benefits for the managers and employees lead to one significant advantage for the CEO and owners of the business, i.e. profit protection.

Accurate time card apps track labor activity, catch any buddy-punching activity and nip it in the bud, and help improve operational workflow so companies can remain competitive.

A Time Card System That Delivers on All Counts

ZipClock time card app is the most reliable way to track employee attendance, as and when you want. This simple yet powerful time clock app keeps a check on employee shift times with superior accuracy.

The advanced analytics let you access real-time records for absentees, under time and overtime data, latecomers and early leavers, so you know who is doing what at work, even if they are working remotely.

ZipClock is your chance to ensure reliable shift scheduling and reduced labor costs. Ready to invest in effortless employee time and attendance capabilities for your company? Let's start here!

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