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A solution to labor law violations

With all that happens in your business, violating labor laws is an issue you want to avoid. Zip Clock lets you track your labor laws in real time and the time clock offers an extensive variety of useful information. There are visual indicators, notifications, and warnings that help managers and employees actively manage their time. Zip Clock’s gamification features and animations are easy to understand and ensures that everyone has the visibility to be proactive about labor law violations.

biometric labor law

Prevent unauthorized clock in/clock out

The Zip Clock biometric time clock eliminates the common issue of “buddy punching”. Employees can only clock in and out for themselves, keeping them accountable for their own time punches. If employees have multiple roles, job codes prevent employees from clocking in to a position that they were not scheduled for. The time clock also visually reminds employees when to take a break and when they need to clock out.

Automate reminders for employee breaks and clock out

When the work day gets busy, it is easy to lose track of what times your employees should be clocking in and out for breaks. With Zip Clock, there are reminders that all employees can see in regards to when their coworkers should be taking their breaks to stay compliant with labor laws. Managers can also set grace periods to prevent early clock ins through the time clock to increase employee accountability.

mobile employee shift reminder
punch management

Easily manage time punches and payroll

Before a payroll period ends, managing all time punches is crucial. This means reviewing employee punches to make sure they are correct, and Zip Clock allows you to edit them as needed. Employees can also be given the option to edit their punches during the current pay period with a manager’s approval. Once all the hours and extra pay have been accounted for, payroll is easily finalized and can be sent to your payroll provider.

Maintain an audit trail of all employee punches and edits

A full audit trail allows you to dive into everything about your employee time clocking. See which employees are coming in consistently late and give yourself the ability to take action. On the contrary, see which employees are doing well with their time management and reward them. For upper management the audit trail allows you to also ensure managers are not abusing their privileges to edit punches for the employees.

audit trail report

Manage employees from a mobile device

Do not worry about being out of the office and away from the time clock when an employee needs an adjustment made. As a manager, if an employee contacts you and tells you that they have forgotten to clock out, quickly make the adjustment from your mobile device to avoid having to remember until you are at the restaurant. Also with a mobile device you can give the employee the option to clock in and out from the mobile application, using geo-location to confirm they are on site when clocking in.

Mobile On The Go | Easy To Use

Employee Communication

View real-time employee time punches and ensure that all employees are being compliant with labor guidelines with one glance at your phone. Suggest breaks and clock outs to employees when they are about to breach labor violations. Gain visibility that you never had before, be aware of your employees’ status with labor guidelines from anywhere at anytime.

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Manager Communication

Contact the best available shift replacement with Zip Clock. Get notified when employees miss shifts and find ratings for potential replacements. With the application you can quickly fill shifts by calling the best available replacement.

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