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Key Features a Free Employee Time Clock App Offers

key features a free employee time clock app offers
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Undoubtedly, technology when used to its fullest capabilities can increase profits in many sectors of the global economy. The restaurant industry does not fall short of the equation, and with the invention of digital time clocks, companies are now discovering effective methods to decrease labor costs, while also increasing sales.

Restaurant owners and managers needn't break the bank to find these automated solutions of employee timekeeping. With a number of affordable subscription plans available, free employee time clock apps are now on the rise, making their way to the forefront of the market.

Should you choose to experiment with these free applications, there is a list of key features to keep in mind.

Fully Automated

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When it comes to automation, the continuous development of the latest technology has made it possible for a variety of industries to take part in unlimited access to a number of operations and functionalities.

An employee time clock should also offer an array of tools, allowing managers to set up employee schedules for the coming weeks, as well as designate tasks in the restaurant, amongst other practical features.

All of these capabilities should be accessible anytime and from anywhere, all through the app. More so, the automation should help in saving time for both the employer and employee.

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Unparalleled Communication

With the continuous landmark developments in technology, both the employees and the employers can now establish real-time communication through a strong time clock app, as it should allow both parties to communicate via the built-in messenger.

Utilizing a platform that is made to assist in improving team communication between employees and management is crucial. It's also important to find software that works on a variety of devices, whether it be mobile or desktop.

Compliance with Labor Law Violations

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Paying fines and being reprimanded due to negligence or silly oversights because you were not in accordance with the labor laws is not only avoidable, but it's incredibly frustrating.

Once found in violation, it could be a grueling process to correct your mistakes, as you struggle to get the facts on your limitations when it comes to labor laws. And of course, time is of the essence because you do not want to spoil the reputation of your restaurant. Such an expensive mistake is imminent when you fail to follow compliancy, and it is tenable when your employees are overworked.

To avoid such mishaps from occurring, it would be worth your while to install a time clock in your restaurant today! The app's automation and real-time analysis make it possible for restaurant owners and managers to work in accordance with the labor laws.

Managers will now be able to ensure employee compliance and stipulations by being alerted when an employee is on the verge of reaching their maximum hours of work for the day and or week.

The app can also suggest when employees should break, punch in/out, and any other relevant alerts you would like to be notified of.

Elimination of Buddy Punching

It's a sad truth, but unfortunately, some employees take part in the act of buddy punching. In this instance, employees will cover for one another by clocking in for a co-worker who is not physically present, thus allowing that employee to be compensated without actually working.

A plethora of companies fall victim to this act on a regular basis, loosing millions annually.

Such situations can be avoided when you deploy a time clock app to oversee the punches of each employee.

Taking it one step further for added security, an ideal time clock application should come with a built-in biometric clock to confirm identity with biometric data, like a fingerprint scan.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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We live in a world where we're always on the go. Because of this, everything is becoming mobile.

Mobile applications have taken center stage and continue to grow in mainstream popularity, which is why there has been an influx of industries that are looking to integrate mobile apps into their operations.

Many free employee time clock apps come with all of the necessary features to make completing tasks easier for everyone managers and employees included.

Managers are now able to make adjustments to employee punches from their phones, and conversely, employees have access to their timesheets so they can track their logged hours.

The most impressive feature is the geo-location tagging tool, which empowers managers to gain insight into the locations of their employees when clocking-in and out.

How to Get the Free App

Check with your provider to ensure the availability of the app with your smartphone and/or tablet.

For Zip Clock, you can get the app for Android through the Play Store. The app is also available to iPhone users on the Apple Store.

Once you've downloaded and installed the app, you can begin creating a schedule for your restaurant.

You also have the option to sign up for a Free Trial. During your trial period, you have the opportunity to test out the functionalities of the app.

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