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Questions to Ask When Searching for the Right Time Clock App

questions to ask when searching for the right time clock app
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Running a business is not an easy task so it's understandable that you would want your technology solutions to assist in making the job run more seamlessly and smoothly.

In an effort to improve employee time and attendance, it would be wise to implement a time clock calculator. Now, when you go online and search time clock, you are bound to find thousands of companies claiming that they are the best in show.

Although some companies may actually be great, they can be eclipsed by their lesser counterparts who have somehow managed to gain more traction in popularity.

How could you possibly choose the right time clock app for your business?

In our expert opinion, asking few simple questions during your searching for right app will ease the process of researching the best time keeping product for you and your business.

These questions will help you to find the best fit for your company environment and culture.

Is the App Hosted or Online?

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Everyone has his or her own personal preferences about this particular point.

Unless your business demands for a hosted solution, we would recommend the online solution. Why?

Simply because this solution will give you more bang for your buck. It's cost-effective, flexible, secure, and most importantly, easy to use. With an online time clock app, you won't have to spend so much money on infrastructure, which typically includes buying and/or installing system upgrades.

You will only be financially responsible for monthly or yearly subscriptions. This option is great within itself, as it affords you the choice of leaving at any time. So, if you find that the system is not working long-term, you can cancel the subscription.

With many online apps, you are also typically given a chance to test the product out first with a limited-time free trial. This trial period will give you the opportunity to determine if the app is a good fit for your business before making a commitment.

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Why Do I Want a Time Clock App?

Before you go about choosing a time clock app, you need to map out all the reasons why you want to implement the app into your business.

It may be to automate the process of recording and calculating employee time and attendance, to build the environment of fairness among your employees, to switch from a previous time clock system, etc.

Mapping out the answers to these questions will help you make an informed decision into why you want to add a timekeeping solution to your business practices, as well as determine what variables cannot be left out of the equation; all standards must be met. You are making an investment after all.

What Features am I Looking For?

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When researching what new solution will be compatible with your business, it's impotent to consider the size of your company.

Some solutions work better for small businesses but fall short in meeting a larger-scaled business' needs. With that same token, software that caters to larger enterprises may provide a list of great features but appear to be impractical or unnecessary for a small business.

Moreover, your company's structure is also an important perimeter in choosing a time and attendance system. You need to make sure that the solution's structure compliments the structure of your company.

In this decision-making process, your HR manager and administrator's views are also important because ultimately, they are the ones who will be using this solution to manage the workforce. It is pertinent that the solution has all the functionalities they require when making the final decision.

What Are the Labor Laws in My Area?

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The solution that you are going to implement must also fit the regulations of the region where your business is based and operates.

Usually, the regulations include maximum working hours for the week, working hours limit for young and pregnant workers, and the minimum amount of annual leave.

You need to have the proper records to show that you are complying with the state regulations. For that, an appropriate clocking system will keep working time records of each worker for a certain period of time. This will help your company save money from lawsuits and fines from authorities.

A time clock calculator with breaks notifications, for instance, is a helpful feature. This disallows meal period violations from occurring, meaning you not being fined or reprimanded for not following labor laws.

Another helpful feature is allowing management to easily make edits or corrections to employee punches if an employee mistakenly clocks in too early or clocks in for the wrong shift entirely.

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What Solutions Work Best for My Employees?

In order to make everyone's life and job easier, you should step into your employees' shoes when choosing an employee time clock.

If the workflow of your company is flexible, you should choose timekeeping technology that is easy to use. Simple.

Millennials commonly use a smartphone to assist in performing daily tasks because let's be honest, it is the easiest way to do things. That is why we recommend that you select a software company who also offers apps, like a mobile time clock app.

Through a mobile app, employees are able to review their worked hours, along with time and attendance from anywhere and anytime.

Apps will also increase the overall efficiency and productivity of your workplace.

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