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Stop Chasing Time -- Automatic Time Tracking Apps Are the Solution

stop chasing time automatic time tracking apps are the solution
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


All businesses aim to increase their productivity and efficiency in hopes of optimizing the usage of all their resources. Time is the ultimate resource of all that you can think of, whether in the case of an individual or a large organization.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary that you work out ways of better managing, appropriating and scheduling your time to accomplish your goals optimally. This is where automatic time tracking apps come in.

The Inefficiency of Manual Time Tracking

Up until now, most organizations lacked a decent time tracking system. They still used manual time trackers, which although built for purposes of helping employees create detailed timesheets, it end up proving to be more of a hassle.

The manual time tracking applications are really ineffective in the sense that they consume a significant amount of time because the user has to provide inputs whenever he shifts to a different task during the course of the day.

This breaks the speed and efficiency of the user, in our case employee', because he has to look after one more extra task throughout the day i.e. his manual time tracking.

At the end of the day, manual time tracking is mostly inaccurate. And, to top that, it requires quite a lot of effort to manage which results in poor concentration on important tasks, and a subtle feeling of stress as well which adversely affects the employee's efficiency.

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Automatic Time Tracking Apps -- What Are they?

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In light of the grave problems with the idea of manual time tracking, technology has progressed in developing digital time clocks that automatically track time without having to manually input anything at all.

Automatic time tracking apps allow employees to keep track of their performance by accurately segmenting the time they have spent on different tasks during the day.

The apps track the different windows and tabs that they work on during their time in office and creates extremely accurate timesheets which the concerned person can evaluate at the end of the day to categorize them into different classes or heads.

The Benefits of a Digital Time Clock

Such a convenient system was not thought of until lately, and it has offered various benefits to its users with the obvious increase in productivity and efficiency of employees, and the organization as a whole. It is a tool that mutually benefits both the managers and individual employees. Some of these advantages are listed below.

Convenient Time Tracking
Manual time tracking can be a very annoying process for everyone. It requires employees to allocate special time for tracking the time they have spent on tasks. Moreover, it gets really frustrating to manually enter the time whenever you switch from one task to another; it causes employees to lose focus and concentration in the tasks they have to perform.

On the contrary, automatic time tracking avoids all such unnecessary hassle and does all the work for the users itself.

Users just have to take a look at their time logs at the end of the day, and upload it on the database. All of these logs will come from when the employee clocks in and clocks out each day, often through biometric data to further ensure accuracy and identity.

Precise and Organized Timesheets
Timesheets allow an employee to measure his productivity. It allows him to become more productive and get recognized for it as well. On the other hand, the managers get to analyze the productivity of each employee without being too intrusive. So, it's a win-win situation.

But, all this is only possible because of the precision of the timesheets that the automatic tracking digital time clock is capable of delivering. Not only are sheets precise, but they are also organized neatly to display all the tasks that the person spent doing during the day. The employee can then create further categories within minutes and place tasks of one kind into one category to provide an improved account of his day's activities.

Accelerate the Invoicing Process
Invoicing delays are a serious problem in organizations. Thankfully, automatic tracking apps greatly reduce such systemic inefficiency as they speed up the creation of timesheets. This ensures that you pay and get paid on schedule without any irritating holdups.

Self-Analysis and Self-Improvement
Automatically generated timesheets are a great way to analyze your performance. It provides ample opportunity to spot areas of improvement and areas where you excel. You can work to rid yourself of your apparent weakness and enhance your strengths to maximize your productivity and contribute effectively to your job.

As a manager, you can track exactly what kept each employee busy on any particular day. This way, you can let them know about certain areas of improvement, and most importantly plan future projects accordingly to make sure you don't over commit to your clients. Hence, your automatic time tracking app will help you project better deadlines as well.

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