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The Role of a Time Clock in Your Small Business

the role of a time clock in your small business
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


In recent years, the integration of a time clock in smaller-sized businesses has become a pivotal tool in allowing employers to take hold of work affairs with their employees.

You may be wondering why the need for incorporating a time clock app for small business is necessary, as it would appear feasible to manage and keep watch over a smaller team. Therefore, the need for an application to help monitor your employees seems unnecessary or so you thought

One fact that is worth mentioning is that the software/time clock is an advanced aspect to better managing a restaurant or any-sized business for that matter. It also includes all of the relevant features needed to launch your business into the world of automation, which will, in turn, lead to lowered labor costs and higher profit margins.

Features of an Effective Time and Attendance System

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It's essential to consider the factors that point to the feasibility of success with any software you choose to invest in. On that note, we present to you, the most important features and considerations to look out for when choosing a time clock app for small business.

1. Accuracy
The app should be a smart solution for managers and of course small business owners who are continually looking for an accurate time management system. Failure to accurately log hours can lead to a waste in labor costs and overspending.

The accuracy comes in handy in tracking the clock-in and the clock-out time of each employee, while also monitoring the hours on the week and ensuring employees are not approaching overtime hours worked.

2. Versatility
It's one thing to find a time clock that simply records when employees punch in/out, and it's a whole other to ensure the application offers an array of other helpful tools. All of your time tracking needs should not only be met but should also deliver optimum results.

3. Intuitive Interface/Dashboard
You shouldn't hesitate to get a time clock app that has an intuitive interface and dashboard. It would be a hassle-free process in setting up the schedules while also monitoring the clocking-in and the clocking-out of your staff.

The interface should also empower you to have a grip on the time records by selected periods, just as it allows you to get access to real-time alerts/notifications about employees' activities.

4. Automation
There's no denying that automated transactions are now taking over many industries in the world. The concept is commendable because it reduces the chances of spending valuable hours in the office, wasted logging and confirming the employees' time in and time out.

Now, with a time clock app for small business, restaurant managers would be able to automatically track, calculate, and confirm the daily breaks of the staff.

Automation also reduces the headache that comes with the frequent and regular calculations while giving you time to attend to other things.

5. Track Employees' Activities
Undeniably, you won't have all the time in the world to be at the restaurant to monitor each staff member, but you'd still like to be informed of the insights concerning the activities of your employees.

The use of time clock software will somewhat allow you to be in two places at once. The mobile application empowers restaurant managers to track their employees, even when away from the restaurant.

This makes it easier to ascertain the absence and/or presence of employees at specific times. Employees can also use the app to confirm the status of their schedules while clocking-in and clocking-out with ease.

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How Your Business Will Benefit

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Pointing out the features to expect on the time clock app is one side of the coin while getting the best software for the same is another.

The best software should play a role in reinventing global industries, including restaurants of course. It should empower users to have a grasp of their employees' time and attendance, as well as staying in the know of what projects each employee is scheduled to take responsibility for that day.

Just as the automation features make it easier to schedule and streamline tasks, your time clock app should not fall short in this area.

It's imperative that you remain in control of your employees' clock in and clock out times, all of which can be accomplished with a biometric time clock. This prevents dishonest clock in and clock out punches from employees, saving you tons in spending. In addition, the application should prevent employees from clocking-in for shifts they were not initially scheduled for and should require a manager override before proceeding.

The app should also feature automated reminders that keep employees on track at all times, especially in the event that employees mistakenly clock out of shifts prematurely.

With hundreds of time clock applications out there, restaurant owners and managers can now arrive at an informed decision on the best software that meets their needs. The software you choose should stand tall among the rest with its list of features and the vast array of assistance tools.

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