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Why You Need an Employee Time Clock

why you need an employee time clock
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Are you using a sheet of paper and a pen to clock your employees in the restaurant? Or maybe you have them enter their hours into an excel template, letting them report when they punch in/out.

If this is the case, then how are you sure that your employees are reporting their time honestly and accurately?

Are you calculating their data?

Can you turn your data into useful reports by which you can spot the problems or make important decisions?

If not, then you are in dire need of a time clock free app that can let you do all these things with great accuracy and precision all the while saving you money and precious time as a restaurant owner.

Following are the 5 essential reasons why you should make a switch to an employee time clock

One - Saves Time & Money

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Employee time clock reduces the work it takes to calculate the hours your employees put in during their work.

  • Automated data calculation and collection let the technology do the work instead of you or calculator or spreadsheet
  • Using an automated clocking system will reduce human error in calculating employee work hours. Calculating the hours manually almost always leads to mistakes because no human is perfect and these mistakes often go unnoticed leading to loss of money.
  • Automated clocking systems will definitely reduce time fraud whether it happens when employees log their time while not at work or when buddy-punching occurs. This will save you a lot of money.

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Two - 100 Percent Fair

As a boss, you want to be fair to all of your employees. In an unfair work environment, employees become disgruntled and demotivated, which will eventually creep into their work and hurt your business and overall work environment.

That is why you need to promote a fair work environment in your restaurant.

An accurate time and attendance system is one big step in that direction.

The following are the reasons how an automated clocking system promotes fairness.

  • It removes the human element which is the big cause of unfairness because personal biases about various employees are removed. No employee can dispute the automated time records by accusing the system of favoritism.
  • It promotes a sense of justice. How? An automated system will reassure the working employees that absent colleagues are marked as absent. They know they won't get the same pay as their tardy colleagues. This helps to boost their morale.

Three - Reports Attendance Issues

An employee time clock gives you useful information and reports about the employees who repeatedly show up late on work or don't show up at all.

It also picks up on systematic absences like always getting sick on Fridays. Issues of attendance are vital to any business because

  • Absences cost you money due to interruptions in day-to-day operations.
  • Labor costs also increase because you have to hire temporary employees to fill in for the absent employees.
  • Employee morale gets affected because of high absenteeism rates. If an employee is habitually absent from work, other employees resent that person because they are expected to pick up the extra work to cover for the absent employee.
An automated system generates periodic reports that make it easier to immediately spot these issues and address them.

Four - Displays Labor Costs in Real-Time

Using manual time tracking methods make it difficult for you to figure out your actual labor costs, but neglecting to monitor this information will be detrimental to your bottom line.

Although it is understandable that you would want to skip this tedious task of fact-checking, you cannot overlook this part because it is a very important piece of information that is valuable in making decisions on big changes.

An employee time clock can make the whole process a lot easier by showing you

  • Which positions or employees are taking up the most time inside your restaurant that would tell you in detail what area of labor is costing you the most.
  • In what areas of labor, the overtime costs are increasing which would help make a decision about whether to hire more employees or deal with an employee who is consistently underperforming on the job.
  • Whether your labor time and costs are above the industry standards or below by easy comparison.
  • Exact data so that you don't have to make guesses about the hours your employees worked.

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Five - Accurate Payroll

It is required by law to keep accurate employee time records. An automated system can reduce payroll processing costs by 80% by reducing manual labor and human error. You can keep accurate employee payroll by

  • Plugging your payroll policies into an automated clocking system which greatly reduces human error.
  • Integrating the automated system with a direct deposit system which also reduces costs of processing, printing, distributing, and paper.
Zip clock is a cloud-based biometric clocking app that can help you reduce the costs incurred by time theft techniques and inaccurate payroll. If you want to make a switch from your old clocking system, this app is your best bet!

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