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Why You Need to Upgrade to a Digital Time Clock in Your Restaurant

why you need to upgrade to a digital time clock in your restaurant
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


In today's competitive business environment, you cannot afford to be complacent whatsoever.

The rapid increase in new startups and globalization is setting new challenges for business owners around the world to increase productivity. And, this is where digital time clocks and employee accountability come into play.

Previously, businesses used paper-based time tracking systems where employee timekeeping was manually taken and logged into a notebook and stored somewhere in back of house.

It was a really inefficient method to take note of employees' working time because it was slow, to begin with, and even caused conflicts between management and staff.

In this article, we will discuss the three major reasons why old paper-based systems are obsolete and why new-age systems are the perfect solution for timekeeping.

Slow, Expensive, and Inefficient

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Well, first of all, it is safe to say that the old methods of timekeeping are slow and inefficient. I mean manually writing each individual's punch in/out time is definitely not the quickest or most-efficient way of tracking employees' time.

Not only is it snail-paced and erroneous but also expensive in the sense that you require employees to handle log their own hours.

Moreover, employees could always dispute the timing put in at the end of the month, which could bring serious accountability issues and vice versa. Putting your trust in the honor system leaves room for dishonest logging of hours that were not in fact worked. In both scenarios, conflict can ensue and someone loses.

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Compromises Record Safety

Another big issue with the paper-based system is record safety. It is easy for anyone to tamper with the records because it only takes a stroke of a pen to change the time written.

In addition, anybody could simply remove pages or tear them apart to make sure they don't face accountability.

Keeping the records safe was a task in itself, which brought about productivity issues, as well.


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The third major problem with the old system is the inability to capture the full essence of the work that is being done. It could only cater to the start and end of the day, nothing more.

Such a timing system does not provide employers with the actual data that is required to hold employees accountable for their tasks.

In such an environment, time and attendance software is the ideal choice for all types of businesses, especially restaurants for maintaining records for everyone in order to improve the overall productivity and effectiveness of the organization.

The following are the reasons why you are in a better position to hold employees accountable using a digital time clock system.

Why Digital Time Clocks Are the Future

The future holds lots of promise for companies and restaurants that use digital time clocks in place of obsolete old systems of timekeeping.

They are effective and efficient and allow businesses to use their human resources to their optimum capacity.

Zip Clock is a one-of-a-kind digital time clock system that helps employers keep an eye on their employees and to make sure that they contribute their fair share to the company.

It is a great tool to ensure that employees can be held accountable for their performances, as well so that they can be rewarded or questioned depending on performance.

Here are the benefits you can expect once you upgrade to a digital time clock.

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Separate Logins for Every Employee

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Timekeeping by hand was a pretty difficult job, prone to mistakes and errors. However, as digital time clocks take over, timekeeping is becoming more organized.

Every employee gets a unique login, which means that everyone's time is being recorded separately from others. Thus, as a manager, it is easy and convenient for you to check on any employee's progress at your will.

Using a digital time clock reduces the chances of confusion because of manual data entry. It is a perfect time and attendance tool.

Employee Tracking

One of the greater benefits of automated timekeeping is the fact that you can track employee performance while on the go. There is no need to be physically present in the restaurant, while monitoring your employees' attendance.

The digital time clock feature allows managers and employers to access employee timesheets and see what they have been up to. It provides an easy and effective method, which helps you call out poor performances and appreciate those who standout.

Furthermore, employee tracking gives you the benefit of accurately knowing the hours they have worked from clocking in and clocking out. With this, you can improve your company's payroll, because you now have accurate data to do so.

Excellent Record-Keeping

Finally, perhaps the biggest advantage that comes along with digital time tracking is the sheer brilliance of its record-keeping capabilities.

Now, with the introduction of automated timekeeping, employees just have to clock in/out at the start and end of the day, and the time tracker does the rest of the work.

It maintains records accurately and in a secure manner, avoiding time theft. You can access these records through your authorized ID and have a look at the time logs of your employees at any time and any place.

You don't have to worry about safe record-keeping ever again.

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