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Why You Should Use a Time Clock App in Your Business

why you should use a time clock app in your business
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco

Business Benefits of an Employee Time Clock App

Managing employee shifts and labor costs is probably the most time consuming and costly part of running any business these days. Time clock errors, cases of employee time-theft and the ever-present risk of labor law violations, and the lawsuits and fees associated with that add up to considerable risk and lost expenses.

But thanks to technology and web-based applications, managing labor-related business processes is becoming easier, faster and less costly. Alongside things like employee scheduling apps, employee time clock apps are helping companies of all types and sizes streamline their labor and payroll processes.

What is an Employee Time Clock App?

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If you have never heard of them, an employee time clock app is a web-based version of the old fashion punch clocks and time cards.

An advanced web-based employee time clock app allows employees to clock in and out of work from a web browser or mobile device and gives management a real-time digital bird's eye view of current workers on shift, as well as those scheduled to come in.

Some Employee time clock apps even include a biometric feature like fingerprint scanning to increase employee accountability and reduce time theft.

Let's take a look at the benefits of an employee time clock app for your business.

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Eliminates Time Theft

As much as we like to think that our employees are honest and decent human beings and in the majority of incidents, this is true, but unfortunately not always the reality.

In fact, employee time theft is a major problem. Studies have shown that employees steal about 4.5 hours every week! Depending on the wage they are making, this can add up to a lot over time.

Another issue is the buddy-punch when employee clocks in for another employee before they even show up and they may never show up, but will still be paid for that absent shift.

An employee time clock app has features that prevent this type of time theft, including editing and auditing features and real-time dashboards that show who is and is not clocked in.

With a biometric time clock feature of fingerprint scanning, buddy punching becomes impossible, further protecting your brand from time theft.

Implements Efficient Payroll Processing

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Another great benefit of an employee time clock app is the ability to quickly finalize payroll for your employees quickly and accurately.

Instead of the old manual method of inputting data, the time clock app records, saves, and imports all that data to your payroll processing and management software. No more taking old-time cards or spreadsheets and manually inputting the data into a payroll management system.

With a web-based employee time clock app, the lengthy and mundane process is no longer necessary, saving you time and ultimately money.

Ensures Employee Satisfaction

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You expect your employees to put their best foot forward, and conversely, it is important that you understand that your employees expect the same from you, as well.

Competition for employing promising employees is at an influx, especially in the recent economic incline. Employee turnover continues to increase, as employees don't need much motivation or negotiation before they consider leaving a job.

For example, according to a study conducted by the Workforce Institute and featured in an HRdive.com article, 49% of employees start looking for a new job after just two problems or errors with their paychecks.

In a country where nearly 87 million people live paycheck-to-paycheck, employees become anxious when employers fail simple business functions, especially if it is a repeated offense.

With a web-based employee time clock app, you can reduce the chances of paycheck errors significantly.

There is also no longer the need to manually input data, meaning fewer chances for transcription errors to occur.

In relation, employees are held accountable for their punch in/out times, making them fully accountable for any errors that may arise in their pay.

The added ability to quickly edit errors when brought to your attention reduces overpaying or underpaying your employees, as well.

These features are proven to ensure that employees are kept happy and satisfied and less likely to go shopping for a new job.

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Prevents Costly Labor Law Violations

A strong employee time clock app can help you and your employees prevent labor law breaches, including unauthorized overtime.

Some attendance apps actually send your employees alerts that notify and remind when to clock out for lunch breaks and when they are approaching an overtime violation. This will save you and the company the headache and cost of labor law fines and possible lawsuits.

Reduces Labor Costs by...

Increasing productivity and promoting accountability. Ultimately, all of these benefits add up to reduced costs, increased productivity and increased employee satisfaction for a rather minimal cost.

Free online time clocks are ok, but they have limited functionality and typically only allow up to about 4 employees logged into the system.

If you want the full features and biometric functionality of an employee time clock app, invest in a sure-fire choice.

Zip Clock's biometric time clock app allows you to keep track of who is on the schedule and prevents time theft and labor law violations. The app also fully integrates with existing scheduling software to fully automate your scheduling, shift management, and payroll processing needs.

Check it out and see if Zip Clock is right for you!

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