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Will Time Tracking Have an Impact on Your Work Culture?

will time tracking have an impact on your work culture
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


As a manager, you can probably attest to the idea that tracking your employees' time has a lot of benefits to it.

But unfortunately, rather than being viewed as a great resource for greater output and productivity, timekeeping by means of time clock software is unfortunately viewed by some employees as a mere tool used for surveillance and discipline in many organizations today.

Regardless, there has still been an increase in companies that use time tracking interestingly enough. Often times, this software is utilized in the most honest and sincere way to facilitate teams to collaborate more easily, increase productivity, and remove unwanted interruptions.

Still, one could wonder if these new implementations are worth the backlash it may bring.

Let's think about how time tracking is impacting the workplace environment and whether it is or is not disrupting your work culture.

A Brief History

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The concept of timekeeping isn't exactly new; it was originally used during the 19th century. Back then, time tracking was viewed as a method to highlight employee faults and worked as a cause to reprimand.

Because of its history, a lot of people still believe time tracking today is still mainly used for the same reasons as previously mentioned, exemplifying why they oppose it.

Employees believed then and believe now that a time clock invades privacy by tracking how long it takes to complete projects or tasks and presents this to all of their co-workers, while also provoking distrust.

All of this is seen as creating unnecessary tension between employees and managers, as some employees believe that management and owners would rather sacrifice team morale for increased productivity.

Now, the question arises of whether these concerns are still justifiable now, or if they are not.

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Then Vs. Now

Something that most people don't know about with modern timekeeping applications is that the technology provides all the power and benefits directly to the workers themselves.

This is because the whole data-sharing model revolves around employee consent. If the employee doesn't approve of a task, the time tracking software is not going to record that activity.

With a modern free time clock calculator, employees are allowed to organize and self-manage. The software also allows the managers to assess the team's performance without breaching anyone's trust, as management has private access to view this information, and it is not visible to the rest of the staff.

The best software companies out there will even offer a free time clock calculator that can be accessed via a mobile app. Often times, the same functionalities that are offered on the actual in-house equipment can be used in the app.

For example, with this free time clock calculator, employees are able to view the hours they have previously worked to confirm their hours worked are being logged properly and accurately.

The Future of Automation

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Unlike other timekeeping methods and products of the past, most modern-day time clocks are fully automated. The time clock automatically collects the data and tracks the activity of each employee.

If you have ever tried to track employee time and attendance, along with the length of time to complete their projects and tasks, then you probably understand the tedious work that also comes along with recording this data.

Because you have to manually start and stop tracking time, you are creating more work for yourself, which can also be really problematic. If you forget to start the timer or stop it for that matter, then it can create a number of inaccuracies.

However, this is not something you need to worry about when you are using a modern time clock app, some of which will even generate the timesheet automatically.


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Time clocks truly allow employees to bring out the best in themselves. However, it is important that you choose the right application because a lot of time tracking solutions on the Internet can be quite aggressive and mistakenly be perceived as another form of surveillance.

If you are successful in finding the right software, then you will not need to worry about this. The best time tracking applications are built around securing privacy and ensuring that no one's personal information is presented in front of the rest of the staff.

For every employee, the application tracks the activity and then creates a personal timesheet that only the employee can see. From there, the employee can select the activities that they want to make public.

Traditional time tracking was all about giving the power to the managers, however, modern time tracking has broken that trend and actually gives rights to both the managers and the employees.

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When you seriously weigh your options in terms of pros and cons then using a time clock is not going to negatively impact your work culture.

For the most part, employee timekeeping is used for your employees to prosper and actually benefit. There is a productive and non-productive way to utilize a time clock, which is why it is imperative to clarify any areas of concern with your team, should questions arise.

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