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The Overarching Importance of Business Analytics

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Lauren Christiansen

By Lauren Christiansen

Just What is the Importance of Business Analytics?

Every restaurant owner wants to attract new customers and bring in more profit. Yet, too many diners are stuck in a rut. They make just enough to maintain operations but don't bring in enough new business. They are used to the same customers, the same team, and the same razor-thin profit margins. While these restaurants may have very loyal customers and employees, they don't have a successful long-term growth strategy.

Thankfully, business analytics and information technology may provide the answer. Data analytics is a critical tool in the modern marketplace. All-sized restaurants generate large quantities of big data. As a result, there is a huge need for data science specialists to interpret that information.

A data scientist takes available data and drills down into it to identify patterns and trends. Restaurants can then use these insights to optimize data-driven decision-making. With best practices and business intelligence platforms, restaurants can save money, find new customers, and grow the bottom line.
Any stagnant restaurant must leverage analytics data and artificial intelligence to make more informed choices. Read ahead to find out the importance of business analytics to restaurants.

1. Importance of Business Analytics Make Better Decisions

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Using business analytics is critical when there's an opportunity for strategic decision-making. For example, one of the more popular types of data analysis is predictive analytics. PA enables restaurants to use historical analysis data to generate predictive models. This can help forecast everything from customer preferences to inventory problems to budgetary issues.

A restaurant may use predictive analytics to calculate which menu items will be most popular next month. The owner may use these data-driven insights to optimize inventory management or create new marketing campaigns. Because business leaders make better choices, they will save money, minimize waste, and improve customer satisfaction.

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2. Importance of Business Analytics Increase Revenue

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Restaurants that use business analytics will experience a greater return on investment. Case studies show that data mining and statistical analysis lead to a 6% increase in profits. If BA investments are over 5 years, this increase moves to 9%. For a small diner, this new revenue can make a world of difference.

Profit increases because restaurants can use data insights to identify waste. They can also pinpoint new opportunities for growth that were previously undetectable. For example, a data analyst may use big data analytics to study the popularity of online ordering. Many restaurants have prioritized online ordering because it is highly profitable; particularly in the era of COVID-19.

3. Importance of Business Analytics Improve Operational Efficiency

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Restaurants not only use BA to make informed decisions about customers and sales. Decision-makers can use analytics tools to optimize internal operations. For example, predictive tools forecast inventory needs and streamline the reordering process. This reduces waste and ensures customers have access to the menu items they want.

Across all industries, predictive tools forecast electrical shortages and machine breakdowns. This enables teams to fix these problems before they become more expensive. Furthermore, restaurants can use an information system to monitor scheduling, employee attendance, and absenteeism. They can then use these insights to optimize scheduling, conduct interventions, and reward high-performers. All of this increases operational efficiency, productivity, and employee morale.

4. Importance of Business Analytics Secure Assets and Prevent Fraud

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With cyber security threats on the rise, restaurants need to do everything possible to protect their raw data. Employee theft and fraud are also big causes for concern. Both theft and fraud can damage a reputation, lead to bankruptcy, and result in lawsuits.

With big data analytics, restaurants can predict threats and mitigate them before they turn into bigger concerns. Business analytics serves as a protective barrier that preserves customer relationships and optimizes the company culture.

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5. Importance of Business Analytics Gain a Competitive Edge

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Because restaurants have more insight into internal operations and customer preferences, they will improve efficiency and productivity. They will know exactly which menu items to sell, who to market to, and the best vendor to buy them from. They can minimize any waste and eliminate inefficiencies. The customer experience will improve, which increases brand loyalty.

When any small business improves its internal operations, it also optimizes external relationships. Investors and stakeholders will be more willing to partner with a restaurant that streamlines its supply chain. Digital marketing efforts will improve, which helps to reach new prospects and build brand awareness. As a result of better supply chain management and customer acquisition, the restaurant will gain a competitive edge.

Key Takeaways of Importance of Business Analytics

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In conclusion, here are the top benefits of business analytics -

  • Using business systems and analytics tools optimize decision-making throughout the supply chain. It's easier to identify areas of waste, eliminate them, and streamline operations.
  • Companies use BA and machine learning to increase revenue. A set of predictive tools enables owners to forecast preferences and minimize waste. This helps to add new revenue streams.
  • Real-time insights improve operational efficiency because restaurants can make more informed decisions to streamline chain management.
  • Restaurants can use business analytics and information systems to secure assets and prevent fraud. Because advanced analytics improves operational efficiency, the restaurant will maintain a competitive edge.

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