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8 Main Advantages of Automation in Business

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Lauren Christiansen

By Lauren Christiansen

8 Advantages of Automating Business Processes

Nowadays, businesses must implement automation. Old-fashioned processes such as data entry, pen and paper scheduling, and other manual tasks are time-consuming and inefficient. In the digital age, automation tools can save costs, improve employee morale, and an increase in customer satisfaction, and increase profits. But, what exactly is business process automation and how does it work?

Business process automation is the use of technology systems to automate day-to-day projects, repetitive tasks, and outdated workflows. It's not enough anymore for companies to eliminate one or two manual processes. To remain competitive, they need to implement automation across the organization. That's where robotic process automation comes in. Organizations use a combination of expertise and IT to revamp entire workflows so they are entirely computerized. The benefits of doing so are enormous. Read ahead to learn what they are.

1. Business Process Automation Increases Productivity

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Automation software minimizes the amount of time required to spend on a project. This maximizes productivity for mundane projects, and also benefits the employee. Now the worker has more time to concentrate on more critical opportunities that lead to more revenue. For example, a sales team member can use an automation tool to eliminate data entry projects so he can focus on lead generation and more sales.

  • The average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day
  • Engaged employees are more productive and lead to a 21% increase in profit
  • 83% of workers claim they don't have enough to do to maintain productivity
  • Multitasking can hurt productivity by 40%

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2. Business Process Automation Streamlines Communication

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Discussions, emails, and phone calls among team members who need to share information leading to miscommunications and errors. Robotic process solutions offer an easy and interactive platform in which all workers can easily access data. Everyone can see the same information at the same time, from the same location.

Any new inputs are immediately updated in real-time so nobody has to worry about viewing outdated information. There are also numerous controls in an automated system to mitigate data overlays and enable authorized access.

3. Business Process Automation Reduces Costs and Time

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Manual processes are much more time-consuming than automated ones. This enables employees to focus on other projects that provide serious value to an organization. It also allows managers and employees to be more creative so they can focus on being more productive. Manual errors are expensive and bottlenecks happen when people are the ones working on mundane tasks. Business process automation can also eliminate many of the expenses associated with these errors.

4. Business Process Automation Improves Quality

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Small businesses use automated processes to ensure all actions are performed the same, which minimizes errors. Each item is created and service is generated consistently, without any deviation. This will lead to a higher quality of outcome and better customer service. Higher quality enables more innovation of high-end products. To boot, there is very little of an increase in the time or cost it takes to produce an item.

  • Document all processes
  • Look for areas of improvement
  • Fix any problems for the customer
  • Do whatever necessary to ensure the product doesn't occur again

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5. Business Process Automation Increases Transparency

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Automation tools come with dashboards that allow users to look at and track all business processes to see their status in real-time. This is great to help manage timelines and to optimize future decision-making. Employees can better perform their jobs because they have all of the information at their disposal to perform their jobs with ease.

6. Business Process Automation Streamlines Task Management

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All of the departments that work on a process can use BPA tools to see its status with a couple of simple clicks. Individuals no longer need to send emails or call someone else across the supply chain to request information. They can establish recurring reminders to keep track of projects and ensure nothing goes unfinished.

7. Business Process Automation Improves Operational Stability

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Business process automation systems are encoded with strict rules in how they carry out actions. This minimizes any circumstances where steps in a process or files might be missing. Team members won't have to worry about verifying how accurate information is because everything is coded into the software solution. This improves how reliable and dependable a process is when it is carried out.

  • Set a strategic vision and lead from the top
  • Move to a lean minded process model
  • Develop sound IT architecture
  • Research all automated technologies
  • Communicate with all stakeholders continuously to ensure strategy is successful

8. Business Process Automation Increases Customer Satisfaction

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Because customers gain reliable and accurate items and financial services due to business process automation, customers will be happier. They will know that they can depend on the organization to get what they paid for. Furthermore, it will be easier to provide excellent and efficient customer service. When a customer has a question, it's much easier to access the relevant information through an audit trail. Customers will be more loyal as they trust the service the brand provides.

Key Takeaways of Business Process Automation

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In conclusion, here are the top benefits of business process automation -

  • Business process automation increases productivity and streamlines communication throughout the organization.
  • Business process automation reduces the time and costs necessary to maintain operations. Organizations that automate business activities will also have improved quality by ensuring all actions are performed identically. This minimizes the number of errors.
  • Business process automation increases visibility into processes so business owners can drill down into data and make better decisions. The automation process streamlines task management because it's much easier to finish and monitor workflows.
  • Business process automation improves operational stability because the systems are run by rigid rules that minimize errors. Because there are more consistent and reliable products and better customer service, customers will be more satisfied. There will also be an increase in productivity.

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