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8 Tools Good Business Communications Software Can't Live Without

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Lauren Christiansen

By Lauren Christiansen

8 Crucial Elements of Business Communication Software

To achieve success in the business world, owners need to prioritize internal and external communication strategies. Communication is central to how relationships are formed and how businesses are run. Without good tools and techniques in place to maximize connectivity, small businesses can't grow or innovate.

So, what exactly is business communications and why is it so important? Business communications include the methods, tools, and skills used to share information among two or more people. Every small business owner in the United States knows that good customer service and high sales are a result of strong communication. Whether team members share files, speak through instant messaging, or talk face-to-face, they are utilizing business communication skills.

How effectively the message is conveyed depends on how well-versed individuals are at active listening, using concise language, employing digital tools, and more. Since the digital transformation, more restaurants and small companies are using communication software to maximize team communication.
This helps to streamline tasks, improve customer service, minimize errors, and increase the bottom line.

Read ahead for the 8 crucial elements of cloud-based business communication tools.

1. Business Communication Software Social Intranet Software

When internal communication strategies fail, there are usually the same set of problems. Employees can't stay up-to-date with company news, they feel disconnected, and emails go missing. There's usually not a clear set of policies for onboarding processes or new hires.

One solution is to implement a user-friendly intranet software system. Everyone will be able to access all the information they need in real-time through a central portal. Intranet software holds documents, contracts, HR policies, training procedures, and company news. Social intranet software also saves an organization money on IT expenses.

  • Cloud-based
  • Integration with other collaboration tools
  • Knowledge-sharing platform
  • Social media-friendly
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Highly secure

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2. Business Communication Software Chat Tools

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In an era where remote work is the norm, digital chat tools are critical. Team collaboration is essential for streamlining tasks across different locations. Emails are sometimes lost and threads are difficult to sort through.

If there is an inability to locate information or employees have clogged inboxes, chat tools are great collaboration tools. Slack is one tool that enables users to create a group chat, optimize project management, or engage in web conferencing.

3. Business Communication Software Task Management

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Every company needs a project management tool to maximize business performance. A task management solution enables quick communication, tracks assignments, and monitors performance.

Project management software is helpful if management is unsure of how employees spend their time every day. It's also great if employees are frequently confused about what they are supposed to be doing. Task management software improves time management skills, holds everyone accountable, and ensures all critical work is finished on time.

4. Business Communication Software Internal Blogs and Videos

Great content can only get a person so far. Images and videos are what captures the recipient's attention. If a company struggles with low engagement, it should consider revamping its content.

Signs of low engagement include low comment rates or responses, no motivation to upload data, or lack of user activity on the company intranet. It's especially useful to add pictures and graphics for complicated presentations that otherwise wouldn't capture an audience's interest.

  • 80% of people will watch a video but only 20% of people will read all the text on a page
  • If an image is paired with a speech, 65% of people tend to remember the speech 3 days later
  • 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual
  • It only takes 13 milliseconds for the brain to process an image

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5. Business Communication Software Analytics

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How can anyone know how well effective a communication strategy is if they don't have a way to monitor its progress? Putting data into a spreadsheet is a waste of time and using guesswork isn't very accurate. If management isn't sure how engaged employees are or if they don't have a way to track data, it's time to invest in analytics software.

This allows managers to know exactly who is reading what and why they are reading it. Analytics software enables quick reporting so managers can view all the data in one location. This improves decision-making in regard to content creation and distribution.

6. Business Communication Software Employee Profiles

Staff needs to know each other well enough to work together. Both large and small companies will have poor internal communications if it's too uncomfortable to ask a question or collaborate on tasks.
If team members don't know who to contact for a specific problem or aren't sure which department people work in, employee profiles are a good solution.

Employee profiles are on company intranet software or embedded in employee communication tools, like Slack. They tell who the employee is, what department they work in, and provide a space for a photo. This will help everyone know who to contact and what they look like.

7. Business Communication Software Workflows

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Everyone in the workplace is busy, but especially managers. Employees who have to wait a long time for a response from management tend to get frustrated. If managers regularly lose track of project due dates or team members are unsure of which project to start, workflows are a great option.

Workflow tools implement a structured system for a business to assign and monitor tasks. When team members are finished with a task, the manager is notified in real-time. Everyone involved can track the entire workflow from start to finish. This helps boost employee productivity, holds everyone accountable, and keeps management informed.

  • An intuitive, code-free workflow designer
  • Integration with other cloud-based apps
  • KPI-based reports
  • Notifications and alerts
  • SLA status indicators

8. Business Communication Software Discussion Forums

Sharing data is always critical for business growth and team collaboration. A digital workspace enables team members to ask questions, talk about tasks, and get to know one another. If employees have unanswered questions or management doesn't know where to find queries, discussion forums are an optimal solution.

Discussion forums also take a lot of the workload off of managers and optimize knowledge management. Employees can use these communication platforms to become more experienced in different areas of the company. They can also use the information available on there to quickly solve problems.

Key Takeaways of Business Communication Software

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In conclusion, here are the easy usecollaboration software systems to have -

  • Social intranets are a great communication platform to put all company information in one, easy-to-access place. Chat tools improve project management and team collaboration, particularly for those in remote work.
  • Task management software streamlines a task from start to finish. Blogs and videos include pictures and graphics that optimize employee engagement.
  • Analytics software enables better decision-making and quick reporting. Employee profiles are business tools that allow everyone in the organization to know their colleagues.
  • Workflows are a communication app that allow managers to monitor a task from start to finish. Discussion forums are a great way for employees to collaborate, share feedback, and get to know one another.

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