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What is Business Development and Why Does it Matter?

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

What is Business Development?

Business development refers to all elements that help improve a company's operations, growth, and success. This entails ideas, strategies, activities, and processes that are powered by objectives to boost sales, productivity, and profits. For example, expanding a company's establishment or building new locations is a form of development. Additionally, cultivating strategic partnerships to increase revenue and creating new products and services are also business development activities.

Also known simply as BD, business development will impact different departments in a company, from marketing and human resources to finance and vendor management. These teams are often driven by business development goals. Marketing teams, for instance, may focus their efforts on raising brand awareness; while the finance department may pivot its strategies on resource allocation.

Importance of BD

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Business development is a key component to a company's growth and overall success. Industry experts consider business development as the practice of generating long-term value for organizations. The different indicators of value can be through cash flow, industry access, and reputation. It can also entail productivity in operations, cost-efficient strategies, and quality of products and services.

Organizations will oftentimes create a business development team with specialists, knowledgeable staff, and consultants. With these entities, the brand can generate critical strategies for building relationships with consumers and stakeholders. The team can also help guide companies toward brand expansion and awareness. Other key factors to the importance of business development include the following-

  • Increase revenue, while lowering costs - Well-defined BD strategies will promote growth by maximizing a company's bottom line. Business developers typically have the expertise to devise strategies to increase cash flow and minimize unnecessary spending.
  • Identify growth areas - Business development professionals can help brands pinpoint growth opportunities and conceptualize how to leverage them.
  • Improve public profile - A large part of company growth depends on the building of a reputable brand image. Developers will assist companies with the creation of marketing campaigns that will promote the brand and attract target audiences and markets.
  • Expand to new markets - A common focus of business development is market expansion. This lucrative strategy ensures organizations stay on top of market trends and customer data so they can reach new consumer bases.

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The Benefits of BD

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Successful business development is beneficial for companies. For instance, initiatives for BD will enable business teams to stay focused on their organizational goals. Other advantages to business development include the following-

  • A better understanding of oneself - Through BD, business teams have to strategize and assess data to ensure they are entering a market efficiently. Therefore, with comprehensive business development, companies can have a better sense of their operations and capabilities.
  • Acquire new leads, while maintaining the existing consumer base - Business development plans emphasize market research and customer analysis. These activities enable organizations to find prospects and expand their consumer base. Strategy for BD also entails assessing customer demands and trends to ensure the needs of current consumers are targeted successfully.
  • Establishment of company culture - Business development teams help the establishment of company culture and brand. These professionals generally have greater insight into what culture allows for an organization to thrive. With a positive company culture, businesses will experience less employee turnover and a more solid consumer base.
  • Development of partnerships - Business developers can help companies find potential brands to partner with to increase profitability. With new partnerships, the company can expand its markets and boost revenue.
  • Innovate product or service offerings - Through BD, company leaders can gain more knowledge into how they can improve their current offerings. It can also open up doors to new products and services that they can create to meet needs.
  • Stronger cash flow - Comprehensive business development strategies help brands grow, which results in a stronger and healthier cash flow. With more capital, business leaders can invest in other growth opportunities, such as inventory, marketing campaigns, and product development.

Key Takeaways to What is Business Development

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  • Business development refers to all the activities, plans, and processes that company leaders undertake to improve operational success, value, and growth.
  • Various business development tactics will impact all departments across an organization.
  • Having BD strategies is important because it ensures cost efficiency, allows for growth opportunity identification, and increased revenue.
  • Benefits to business development entail improved self-identity, stronger cash flow, and enhanced management of customers.

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