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9 Strategies to Fuel Small Business Growth

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Small Business Growth

Small business owners have a lot on their plate, from creating brand awareness to focusing on their survival. But while promoting and staying afloat is highly important, another fundamental component of managing a start-up is strategizing small business growth. Having a thorough plan for how a small brand will expand or develop in the following years will help boost business longevity. It will also enable entrepreneurs to guide their way towards financial security and stable economic health.

9 Strategies for Small Business Growth

A small business growth strategy is a plan that outlines how a company is anticipated to develop in the next one to two years. Creating a strategy will help business leaders to envision their success and the steps they need to take to thrive. Generally, small business growth strategies will vary from brand to brand, depending on various factors, such as target audience, goals, and resources. The most common best practices that most brands will use include the following.

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1. Increase Customer Retention

According to case studies, boosting customer loyalty is a great way to increase sales and enhance a company's value. Additionally, it is less extensive and time-consuming, compared to customer acquisition. Business leaders can improve their customer retention by providing positive and welcoming customer service.

Utilizing modern tools, such as customer relationship management software, will also help aid customer loyalty campaigns. These systems will collect insights such as contact information, purchase history, and buying behavior. Owners can use this information to personalize email promotion, loyalty programs, and marketing adverts.

2. Expand Consumer Base

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Although customer acquisition strategies are a considerable task, it is still a key growth practice. Attracting new customers will help a brand expand to wider audiences and increase revenue. A few ways to target new shoppers are asking existing customers for referrals and promoting word-of-mouth marketing. These tactics will help raise brand awareness and are effective in bringing in new buyers since the recommendations are coming from loyal and happy customers. The best ways to ask for referrals are incentivizing it with discounts and encouraging people to tag the brand on social media posts.

3. Ensure Cost Efficiency

Cutting down on operational costs will protect the bottom line and allow for business growth. These expenses include electricity bills, inventory, warehouse space, labor, and store supplies. Entrepreneurs should assess their spending and cut costs in a way that will enhance cash flow, but also retain positive customer experiences. They should consider the following cost-efficiency strategies-

  • Create marketing efforts to boost inventory turnover
  • Buy supplies from second-hand industry-grade stores
  • Liquidate products or eliminate services that do not generate profit
  • Utilize sustainable and energy-saving appliances and lights

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4. Target New Markets

Tapping into new consumer markets is another approach that can increase demand and profits. One way a company can do so is to open a location in another region, city, or state. Creating new purchasing channels, such as a website or mobile app, will also ensure products and services can be viewed by new markets.

Businesses can also create new marketing campaigns that focus on different customer demographics. Additionally, promoting innovative ways to use a product will also drive new consumers to a brand. For example, an athletic shoe wear company whose initial audience was athletes can branch out to on-the-go moms who need comfortable shoes.

5. Attend Trade Shows

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Trade shows enable brands to highlight their presence in the industry and attract people who already have an interest in the types of products and services at the event. With this, entrepreneurs can be assured knowing they are promoting their brand to their target consumers. Trade shows also allow business owners to engage with customers in person and network with other business leaders. These connections can present opportunities, such as collaborations and credential establishment.

6. Focus on a Niche Base

Small businesses that do not want to target new audiences can focus on a niche consumer base. For instance, a vegan coffee shop can concentrate its marketing campaigns and business strategies on its narrow market to boost sales. Before following this approach, owners should make sure their target market is interested enough in the brand so they can ensure frequent sales and profitable price points.

7. Introduce Diverse Products and Services

Adding to product lines or services can bring in new customers and increase overall sales. However, these items or services should be related to existing offerings and address the needs of current customers. A photo printing shop, for instance, may diversify its inventory by selling picture frames or by offering photography services.

8. Create a Franchise

Creating a franchise will enable a brand to exist across different geographic areas, effectively increasing markets. Before franchising, the company should have a duplicatable business model and broad appeal by large consumer bases. The process generally entails licensing, market research, and scoping locations.

9. Export Goods Globally

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Selling to international markets can boost sales from new customers in diverse locations. Although it is similar to franchising, expanding internationally requires comprehensive knowledge of the trade and customs regulations for different countries. Business owners will also need export licenses, time, and capital.

Key Takeaways to Small Business Growth

  • Small business owners not only have to focus on survival, but they also need to prioritize growth.
  • A small business growth strategy will help guide entrepreneurs to success and financial stability.
  • Best practices for growth will typically vary for companies, depending on their consumers, goals, and resources.
  • Some strategies for business growth that most brands use include enhancing customer retention, product diversification, and franchising.

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