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Why You Should Invest in Business Intelligence Software

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Lauren Christiansen

By Lauren Christiansen

The Top Reasons to Invest in Business Intelligence Software

Companies collected data long before terms like data mining, business analytics, or machine learning even existed. The history of data collection intertwines with commerce, which has been around since the dawn of time.

Merchants used observation and records of transactions to determine customer shopping preferences. In the restaurant industry, managers learned customer habits through conversations and building relationships. Of course, record-keeping and cash register receipts also provided valuable insight into consumer eating habits.

Automation and digitization turned data collection into an art form and systemized process. The more information that became available online, the more companies used it to their advantage. Now, there is an entire set of rules, systems, and procedures to govern and collect big data. Restaurants across the United States use a combination of business intelligence software, interactive dashboards, and self-service solutions to gather business intelligence.

Business intelligence refers to all of the tools, systems, and processes used to share and deliver information. When data scientists collect unstructured data, restaurants use a set of intelligence tools to optimize data discovery. With online ordering tools, POS systems, and inventory management solutions, there is a plethora of data available. Owners translate all of this real-time information into actionable insights that help optimize decision-making. Read ahead for some of the other top reasons to invest in business intelligence tools.

1. Business Intelligence Software Improves Reporting

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With the help of several data sources, business users can employ customized reports to track key performance indicators. Data sources may include customer transactions, sales data, or financial records. These reports use visual analytics and data visualization to make complex information easy to understand.

Real-time reports enable managers to optimize data discovery and make better decisions. An intelligence tool can even be interactive, allowing users to manipulate variables and quickly access a specific set of BI data.

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2. Business Intelligence Software Provides Business Insights

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Restaurant owners need to monitor employee performance, profit margins, and specific areas of the supply chain. With cloud-based analytics software, they can pinpoint strengths and inefficiencies to know what's working and what isn't.

A business intelligence tool has an alert system that notifies management of any real-time updates. These updates can be sent to mobile devices, which allows management to stay informed regardless of where they are. In short, self-service BI allows everyone to have the right information at the right time.

3. Business Intelligence Software Improves Data Quality

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90% of businesses are concerned by the quality of their data (or lack thereof). Without reliable data, users are apt to make poor decisions based on faulty insights. With a BI platform, restaurants can bundle different data sources together. This enables owners to gain a clearer picture of what's going on across the supply chain. This process will only be successful if restaurants streamline the data collection and cleansing process. This process may also require the help of a data management specialist who is experienced in data integration processes.

4. Business Intelligence Software Improves Customer Satisfaction

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The hospitality industry will always be unsuccessful if it fails to prioritize customer service. Patrons only come back when they have a good experience. With online reviews and social media posts, one customer's poor experience can travel fast. To improve the quality of customer service and increase brand loyalty, restaurants can use BI analytics platforms. Self-service business intelligence systems collect real-time feedback, identify buying patterns and anticipate needs. Managers can use these data-driven insights to improve employee training, sell popular items, and increase sales.

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5. Business Intelligence Software Increases Operational Efficiency

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Restaurants need to standardize best practices and utilize the proper tools to maximize employee efficiency. Top business intelligence platforms unify all data sources and place them in one centralized view on a dashboard. Self-service dashboards are highly intuitive, which allows users to quickly access the data they need.

When everyone has the data they need to make quick, sound decisions it streamlines operations and improves efficiency, which increases customer satisfaction. Managers can spend less time finding answers and asking questions, and more time solving problems. This also improves employee morale because workers have access to the necessary information that helps them perform their jobs.

6. Business Intelligence Software Increases Revenue

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With small profit margins and crippling regulations, restaurants have been hit hard over the last few years. To stay profitable, owners must find creative ways to increase profit margins and maximize customer revisits. With predictive analytics, dashboards reports, and BI tools, businesses can do just that.

These systems allow users to ask better questions as to why events occurred. They also allow restaurants to pinpoint the root cause of weaknesses in sales or customer service. BI tools allow owners to quickly resolve bottlenecks, find areas of waste, and equip employees to meet customer needs. As a result, restaurants will see an increase in revenue that enables them to maintain a competitive advantage.

Key Takeaways of Business Intelligence Software

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In conclusion, here are the top benefits of self-service business intelligence -

  • Business intelligence software and data analytics improves reporting and provides better insights. In-depth data analysis enables owners to make better business decisions.
  • A BI solution improves data quality, which enables managers to make more reliable decisions. It also improves customer satisfaction because owners have more access to data sources regarding customer behavior and shopping preferences.
  • An analytics platform increases operational efficiency because employees have access to all relevant information under one centralized view. This allows them to make a reliable decision, problem-solve, and collaborate on tasks.
  • A BI tool increases revenue. Restaurants can pinpoint bottlenecks and strengths, and then make quick decisions to improve inefficiencies. BI software also improves the quality of customer service, which further increases sales.

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