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How to Manage a Team with These Quick Tips

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to How to Manage a Team

Effective team management is one of the many key components of running a business. Entrepreneurs who know how to manage a team will unlock greater potential from their employees and workflow. This includes more productivity, improved company culture, and collective effort to boost operational growth.

Tips on How to Manage a Team Properly

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Whether an organization is a small business or a large franchise with multiple departments, it is important that all teams are managed properly. Many team management tactics will focus on the creation of a communicative and collaborative work environment. Others emphasize the importance of team-building activities to bring employees of different backgrounds and departments together under one common goal. Other best practices to managing a team include the following.

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1. Ensure Consistency

All supervisory approaches towards teams should be consistent. For instance, if a manager rewards an employee for a certain behavior, they should do the same to all other staff members if they demonstrate the same behavior. Equally, if there is an action or attitude that is disapproving, managers should be consistent when discouraging it. Doing so will set a standard of expectations for all employees and will also prevent the appearance of favoritism.

2. Create a Communication System

A communication system can entail processes or tools that make relaying information and instructions easier and accurate. Companies can utilize chat messaging and email, or hold meetings. These are great ways to thoroughly share business updates and to keep everyone on all teams informed about the latest news.

3. Identify Collective Goals

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A proven method to bring employees in a team together is by establishing common goals and missions. Setting objectives will inspire staff members and allow them to unify their focus and motivation. As a result, they will be more likely to work with one another, instead of being in silos.

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4. Show Appreciation and Reward Successful Work

Managers should always reward team members when they achieve their goals or complete a task exceptionally. Oftentimes, rewards will be in the form of bonuses, pay increases, vocal recognition, and physical prizes. It is also recommended that management share their appreciation and rewards in public to demonstrate the importance of hard work.

5. Be a Model Employee

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Managers need to set an example and be a model for their employees. This means coming to work on time, being calm, and working productively. Teams that see their managers being leaders will likely follow suit and mirror their behavior.

6. One Size Does Not Fit All

Each person in a team has their own personality, strengths, skills, and weaknesses. Managers are responsible for understanding each of their employees' needs and curate approaches to align with what their employee prefers. For instance, one team member may like to be encouraged with vocal praise, while another favors one-on-one talks. Customizing management will ensure employees feel heard and valued by the company.

7. Be Transparent

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Team members want to be in the loop about what the company is currently going through. It helps them work productively and can introduce a space for innovative thinking. Management should be transparent and provide staff members with all the information they need to succeed. Having transparency, in turn, will build trust and respect between employees and executives.

8. Have an Open Space of Feedback

Business teams' opinions and ideas are valuable for the improvement of an organization. Company leaders should encourage employees to participate in meetings, share feedback, and provide comments about operations. When receiving their thoughts and ideas, managers should be respectful and welcoming. This will help foster a resentment-free and uplifting company culture.

9. Make Work Enjoyable

Allow team members to have time for themselves and a space to unwind for a few minutes at work. Having a break room and lunch outings are some ways companies can make work enjoyable and stress-free for employees. With these components, staff members can take a break and conversate with their colleagues, which will help with team-building in the long run.

Key Takeaways to How to Manage a Team

  • Managing a team effectively will unlock potential for both staff members and company leaders.
  • Proper team management can boost workplace capacity, employee morale, and operational growth.
  • Many tactics for team management focus on team-building and communication.
  • The most common best practices for managing a team include ensuring consistency, setting up goals, and showing appreciation.

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